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Student Testimonials

"I took some online lessons with JAG via Skype after seeing a couple of his instructional videos on youtube. I am a complete beginner. My interest was in learning hill country blues, which JAG knows inside and out. I found JAG's lessons very helpful and rewarding, and definitely got the most out of the time we spent. I would highly recommend JAG to anyone wanting to learn Mississippi hill country blues or related styles."
- Phillip Wharton 

"Bill's teaching has given me a firm foundation and understanding of the instrument, how I apply to it, and it to me."

"In a nutshell...he's helped me to discover who I am as a musician. Thanx Bill!"
- Ted Thorsen

"Jag helped my son get started learning guitar and learning songs. He has the knowledge to teach songs in an easy, understandable way."

- Melissa Francis

"Jag teaches in a fun way, explaining what he's teaching so you can apply it to other styles."

- Duane Nelson

"I like taking lessons from Jag because he actually performs what he teaches."

- Drew Buffington

"I take away a ton of information from every lesson, Jag knows his scales!"

- Chris Liatsos

"Jag knows his stuff! I started out a total 100% beginner and within 2 weeks I was playing Tom Petty songs."

- Tom Bradley

"I had been playing on and off for years but never really understood a lot of things about playing guitar. Jag helped me whittle it down to a simple procedure and now I'm finally playing in a rock n roll band at age 45!!"

- David Moore

"I wanted to learn acoustic blues and slide guitar and never could find a teacher that REALLY knew how to do it until I met Jag."

- David Wojcik

"Jag started out teaching me the basics then we moved on to theory and simple strumming songs, now I'm learning how to play lead guitar and blues and jazz."

- Cindy Newton

"I had been playing guitar in bands for years but really needed scale training and Jag helped me get a handle on it."

- Jon Blondell

"My son had been bugging me to find a guitar teacher and after several months of going from teacher to teacher we found Jag. He's formed a folk rock band with his friends and still taking lessons three years later."

- Nancy Greene

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