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Telephony Software For the SE/30


Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:36:10 -0600

To: classic-post@hitznet.com

From: drcory@cyberhighway.net (DrCory)

Subject: RE: Answering machine



Subject: Answering Machine

From: Johannes Uwe Teichert <johannes.teichert@advalvas.be>



i am looking (in vain) for Software that enabled Macintoshes to work as an answering Machine (with different Mailboxes etc.).{end Snip}


Both MACCOMCENTER and MEGAPHONE should work on your SE/30, with caveats......Installation windows may exceed your SE/30 screen size. knowing what responses to make will be helpful when the desired selestion is 'off the screen.' use a virtual desktop program or test install on a mac with a large screen.

The cool thing about MEGAPHONE is that it is able to accept voice input from the Phone. this is important since the SE/30 has no audio input.the other gliche is... the modem must be Voice compatable... Not all are.

I have installed BOTH on my SE/30 at one time, but the modem compatability

left me dead in the water



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