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Mad With Macintosh

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System 6 Info


Every link on this page is system 6 related. System 6 runs MUCH faster on the 68000 Macs (Plus, SE, Portable, Classic, PowrBook 100)





Netting a Plus to an iMac



II in a Mac - Apple II emulator for 68k Macs. Works great.
Mount Image - mount disk images under system 6
JC Remote - remote file access under system 6.
System 6 tech support page

Run Linux on a Plus
Make your System 6 Mac talk
Extensions, control panels and other apps
Abandonware petition
System 6 Utilities and Apps
Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.0 for System 6 Macs.
MacTalker - lets your Mac read text (even the Plus under System 6)
System 6 INITS and Cdevs - find older hard to find and out of print software
Black and White Mac Shareware from Grace Sylvan
More Old Mac Software From Terry Higgins
More Old Mac Software From cyberhype
Lots of Obscure Macintosh Software From Thomas Hopper
All The Mac Software You May Ever Need
Sounds you can use for HyperCard stacks and other uses.
AOL Mac archive - lots of cools stuff - get it while you can, I have a feeling this old stuff won't be up much longer.


Games that will run under System 6
Lots of cool Control Panels and Extensions for people with disabilities (I am not disabled and I use a lot of them) System 6 and 7.
More old games
Eyeballs - they are watching you
Wolves - game
Zero Gravity - game
Backdrop - desktop pics under system 6
Light Cycle - game
talking moose - random quotes while you work
Grouch - " I love trash!"
Sim Ant b&w - famous game
Hole-In-One - golf game
Crazy Cars - racing game

System Software

Get OS 6.08 here.
How To Turn System 6 Into System 7 With freeware
What's In the System Folder? - a brief tutorial for newbies.
Interesting comparison of Mac OS 1 and Mac OS 7.
Mac System software history form 1.0 to 8.6. Pretty interesting...


6.08 boot floppy with Eudora on it - boot form a floppy to check email.
Web browsers for older Macs
Where to download broswers
Internet under System 6 - everything you need plus a tutorial.
Every Mac Browser known to man -
Matti Haveri's FAQ's - 68000FAQ, Internet FAQ for older Macs, more
How to run Lynx, a text only web browser on a black and white Mac.
PopMail II - system 6 (1 meg minimum) or System 7 (2 megs minimum)
More free internet info including free web space.
Inter News is a news reader that runs under System 6.
Sites for text browsers and slow Macs
Using Eudora on older Macs
Want To Make Your 68k Mac A Web Server? No Problem! A brief list of the software you can use to turn your older Mac into a web server.
Answering Machine (Telephony) Software For the SE/30
Using ConfigPPP (Classic Networking) With Two Different ISP's
MacTCP 2.06 (1.8MB Download - Complete Package with Documentation)
MacTCP 2.06 (157K Download - Control Panel Only)


System 6 Classic Page
Mac 512 has their own domain.
How to zap the PRAM on a Plus
Classic Mac icons
Maximum hard drive size for Mac OS 6, 7.x
Very old mac related ads from the mid 80's.
Another System 6 web page.
Why use System 6?
System 6 tips and tricks and software.
Another system 6 page
Programming for System 6


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