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How To Turn System 6 Into System 7 With freeware




Although System 6 seems Jurrasic to some people, it's really not that far removed from System 7 functionality. In fact, with a little searching, one can find just about all the software needed to give System 6 Macs the same features as System 7. Here are a few examples:

hierDA - gives you hierarchial menus (Apple Menu Options) under system 6.
MacTCP 2.06 and ConfigPPP 2.01 - TCP software that will get a System 6 Mac on the web.
INIT/cdev 2.0 - an extensions manager for System 6.
Date cdev - a better date formatter than the built in one.
Moire - simple screen saver.
Black and White Icons Part I
Black and White Icons Part II
Snap-To - snaps your cursor to the default 'OK' buttons for faster productivity.
WindowShade - Gives you the popular window shade effect that came with 7.5 but it works under 6.x and up.

Desk Accessories (1.8mb) - includes the following DA's:

INITS and Cdevs (Extensions and Control Panels)

Application bundle:

Fix Heap folder

Juggler Utilities

Odds and Ends

General utilities (1.1 mb download).


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