Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitar Starting at $79.99 ~Cigar Box Guitar~

Bluesboy JAG Previously Sold Cigar Box Guitars, Dulcimers, Basses, Amps

I Can Make Anything You Want On This Page!

I make every configuration of cigar box guitar imaginable:

1, 2, 3,4 ,6 Stringers

Acoustic only

Reliced Acoustic/Electric Acoustic/electric

Single coil or Humbucker Pickup

Dogbowl Resonator

Spun Metal Resonator

Lap Diddley Bow (one string)

Guitar Diddley Bow (one or two strings)


License Plate CBG's

Dulcitar (Dulcimer Guitar/Strumstick)

Custom Sunburst Finish

Trunk Corners

Pick Your Own Artwork

CBG/Bass Combo (1 bass string, 3 guitar strings).

I have over 400 boxes in stock of all varieties. You can purchase a pre-built model or order a custom CBG.

This is just a TINY fraction of what I've sold! If you see anything that looks cool and you want one, just email me

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Dual Pickup Arturo Fuente King B

Cigar Box Dulcimer

3 String Cigar Box Bass

3 String Humbucker Resonator

2 String Diddley Bow

Lefty 6 String Arturo Fuente

See Through Cigar Box Guitar/Bass Combo - Play Guitar and Bass at the Same Time.

1 String Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar

Padron CBG/Bass Combo: 1 Bass String and 3 Guitar Strings With Fretless Bass Neck: Plays Guitar and Bass at the Same Time

3 String Le Bijou Humbucker

Acoustic/Electric Strum Stick (Dulcimer)

CBG/Bass Combo. One bass string, 3 guitar strings. two outputs, play bass and guitar at the same time

CBG/Bass Combo

This One Has A Unique Leather Covered Box


3 String With Vintage 1960's Pickups

Avo Acoustic/Electric

Padron Acoustic/Electric

3 String Acoustic/Electric Dulcimer Cigar Box Guitar

Lefty Dual Humbucker

Gorgeous 6 String Arturo Fuente Humbucker

Fretless 'Little Mojo'

2 String Diddley bow Guitar with Single Coil or Humbucker (shown) Pickup

Punch "Little Mojo" Fretless 3 String

Rare Corojo 6 String

2 String Bass

Arturo Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Lefty Bolivar 3 String Acoustic/Electric

6 String Rebirth and Matching Amp

6 String Humbucker With Telecaster Neck

Acoustic Jaime Garcia

Beautiful Arturo 6 String

Gorgeous See-Through Cigar Box Guitar

Acoustic/Electric 3 String Jaime Garcia

Gorgeous 6 String

Camacho and Matching Amp

Double Neck 3 String Fretless and 4 String Fretted.

3 String Acoustic Electric With Water Faucet Handle Sound Hole Cover


Gorgeous Simulated Vinyl Record 6 String

The Above Guitar With It's Owner

Gorgeous 6 Stringer!

Two String Diddley Bow

One String Diddley bow


Here's A Gorgeous Lefty Camacho


Double Neck. Fretted 4 String and Fretless 3 String.

NEW! Comacho Scorpion 3 String Humbucker CBG

Here's a really unique book shaped CBG. Humbucker, 3 string.

Gorgeous 3 String Scorpion Comacho cigar box guitar

Black Neck 3 String Humbucker Comacho

Tobacco Sunburst Acoustic/Electric

Tribute to my father, Robert F. Jagitsch Jr., (1922-2012), bomber pilot 13th Bomb Group WWII

Fretless Acoustic/Electric Little Mojo

SALE! NEW! Partagas See Through 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

Reliced Acoustic/Electric

Ashton Speedster With Humbucker or Hand Wound Pickup

This one has a P90 Pickup

This is a 'Strumstick" - It Has Diatonic Frets like A Dulcimer, Some People Call Them Dulcitars

This is a REAL dulcimer made out of cigar boxes.

A Lefty Strumstick.

Dual pickup 4 stringer. HOT SELLER!

Here's An Absolutely Gorgeous Rocky Patel 6 Stringer

Here's a Gorgeous 6 String Arturo Fuente

SALE! NEW! Namakubia 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

Here's a 3 string dulcimer guitar - dulcimer neck with hand wound pickup.

Here's a Very Unique Dome Shaped Box

Gorgeous Lefty Resonator

Aroma De Cuba 6 String

Padron 6 String

Undercrown 6 String

Diddley Bow With Hand Wound Pickup

This one went to Australia

This one went to South Africa.

See the movie below.

Punch 4 String and Matching Amp.

Gorgeous Red and Black Comancho

Brick House 3 String

4 String Humbucker

License plate CBG with hand wound pickup.

This one has two humbucker pickups and a 3 way selector switch.

This Is An Interesting Box I Found Somewhere

This one has two humbucker pickups and a 3 way selector switch.

Aliados Distressed Humbucker

6 String Padron

Rocky Patel Freedom


This was a custom build for a customer. Fretless dual humbucker.


3 String 1964 Vintage Arkansas License Plate with hand wound pickup

Avo Heritage 3 String

Diddley Bow 1 String CBG

Undercrown Custom Made 6 String

6 String le Bijou Humbucker

Rocky Patel Freedom

Olivia Distressed 4 String and Amp

Cohiba 4 String

1940's Vintage Baby Ruth 4 String

Avo Heritage Acoustic

Arturo Fuente 6 String

This one is battered because it's my main 6 string and it's played hundreds of hours of gigs!

Custom 6 String

Punch Gran Puro 4 String

CBG/Bass Combo (1 Bass String, 3 Guitar Strings)

Play bass at the same time you play guitar

Ashton Speedster or Hand Wound Pickup

Diddley Bow With Hand Wound Magnetic Pickup

Tobacco Sunburst F Hole

Cohiba 3 String F-Hole

Gran Fabrico Estate

Sunburst F - Hole

Magna 4 String

Red Punch 4 String (or With Matching Amp)

Le Aroma de Cuba Humbucker

Oliva 3 String Fretless "Little Mojo"

Java 4 String

Blonde Java 4 String

Punch Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Kristoff 3 String Humbucker or Hand Wound Pickup

Gold Macanudo 6 String

Rocky Patel Humbucker

Don Tomas and Matching Amp

Arturo Fuente CBG/Bass

A Bass String, A,D,G Guitar Strings, Separate Outputs for Bass and Guitar

Fretless Bass Neck, Fretted Guitar Neck

Black Rocky Patel Thinline 4 String

Macanudo 3 String

Rocky Patel Batallion 3 String

The Edge Battalion 4 String

Cuesta 4 String

Ashton Speedster 4 String

Cohiba 4 String

Punch 6 String

Punch Diddley Bow

La Aroma De Cuba Especiale 3 String

Winston Churchill 4 String

Partagas 6 String

Blonde Java 4 String

Cohiba 4 String

La Aroma De Cuba 4 String

Santiago 4 String

Puro 3 String

Altoids Diddley Bow

Transducer Pickup, 1/4" Jack

Le Aroma De Cuba 4 String

Natrual Wood 3 String With F Holes

Rocky Patel 5 String Banjo

Rocky Patel 4 String

Red Custom Painted Pinstripe 4 String

Natural Brown F-Hole Little Mojo 3 String Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Yellow la Caya 3 String

la Palma 4 String

Wood Macanudo

Black Punch Little Mojo 3 String Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Cohiba Resonator

Gibson Style 6 String


Don Tomas Fretless 3 String 'Little Mojo"

Custom Paint Job Montessino

Don Tomas Fretless 3 String with Pickup

Partagas Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric 3 String

Hand Painted Frankenstein 4 String With Hand Wound Pickup

Montesino Fretless 3 String Acoustic

Velvet Tobacco 1 String Diddley Bow

Transducer Pickup, 1/4" Jack

Wood Padron

Puros Indios 4 String

La Gloria Cubana Three string fretless acoustic!

Hoyo de Monterrey

4 String Red Punch CBG and Matching Amp

Rigoletto 4 String

Arturo Fuente Acoustic/Electric 3 String


Wood Punch

Arturo Fuente 4 string SOLD

Arturo Fuente Thinline SOLD!

Montessino Little Mojo 3 String Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Punch Little Mojo Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Avo Heritage 3 String

CAO Black Felt

Montessino Fretless "Little Mojo" Acoustic/Electric CBG

Red Partagas Amp SOLD

CBG's and Amps

This Box Was Made by the Manufacturer To Look Like An Amplifier - So I Made One Out of It!


3 String Short Scale Bass


Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer

This one is a lefty 3 string Dulcitar/Strumstick. Dulcimer played guitar style.



Charly Patton Uke

Sold Amps