Scanning With A Classic Mac and a Classic Mac Scanner

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Scanning With A Classic Mac and a Classic Mac Scanner


Subject: AppleScanner Software

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 00:24:45 -0700

From: Mike Friese <webmaster12*>

To: "Classic Post" <>


Along with our classic Macs, some of us have classic peripherals. I have an original AppleScanner from 1988 working nicely with my 8500 under 8.1.


I want to document what software I have found is useful with this scanner. Most of this advice should be valid for some of the Apple OneScanners. The AppleScanner works with any of the Scanner extensions that Apple concocted through the years. Some of the scanner extensions and the all-important AppleScan utility are available at:





If you are using Ofoto, the menus will no longer work under 8.0. There is a Ofoto update utility available at the above address.


There is a great, albeit fussy, utility that allows you to use your scanner even if it was off -and not detected- during the system boot. Theutility is written by Lance Drake and is called ScannerProbe.


There are two serviceable versions. Version 1.6, available through the info-mac archives or, claims to work with any OS up to 8.0. It did not seem to work under 8.1 on my system. (I used version 1.5 under 7.5.5 and Scanner 2 with good results.)


There is a 8.1-friendly 1.7 version that only works with the Scanner extension 4.0. It is available at: Sloooooow download.


1.7 requires Scanner extension 4, which is not available from Apple's public FTP. Find a friend with an 600/27 Color OneScanner to get this extension.


If you want to scan from within Photoshop or other programs that support PhotoShop plug-ins, check out the PlugOne plug-in. PlugOne is a plug-in module that follows the Adobe PhotoShop standard. It drives and acquires images from all the Apple scanners (i.e. AppleScanner, OneScanner and Color OneScanner series) directly from inside the host software (Adobe PhotoShop & StreamLine, Quark XPress.)


It is available from the info-mac archives or One significant limitation is PlugOne does not support the AppleScanner's 4-bit grayscale mode. There's an explanation in the read-me but I don't buy it.


There is also a Hypercard scanning application posted at Apple's FTP site but it seemed pretty lame to me.


Mike Friese



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