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Running Older Versions Of Netscape On Your Mac




 68030's and 68040's

 You can run Netscape 4.08 on an 040 Mac very happily. You just use the Custom Install feature and just continue when it warns about your OS being not up to it.

 To use Netscape 4.08 or 4.07 with system 7.5.5 you must also have Object Support Library 1.2 in your extensions folder along with the CFM Runtime Enabler 68k.

You can use 4.08 or 4.07 only for secure purchases on the Web. For regular browsing use 2.02 because it is much faster.


Netscape 1.1N and 2 will work fine, but of course the HTML compatibility is so outdated that many pages may look bad. MacWeb and Mosaic 1 and 2 shouuld work fine too, with the above caveats.


On 68000 macs (Plus, SE, Portable, Classic, PB100) NCSA Mosaic 1.0.3, MacWeb 1.00A3.2, v2.0, MacLynx and MacWWW 1.03 (Samba) work.

MacWeb 1.00A3.2 works better than v1.1.1 E which crashes when saving prefs. MacWeb 2.0 has more features and understands more HTML tags than v1.00A3.2 but it is also slower and buggier.

NCSA Mosaic 1.0.3 can display in-line GIFs but with MacWeb you must use an external helper (click and hold on an image icon, choose "Retrieve to Disk" from the pop-up menu and view with GIFConverter or GIFwatcher DA). ...note that often GIFConverter, when trying to open JPEGs with "millions" of colors, gives an "out of memory" error on low-memory machines. A workround is to use JPEG Convert 1.0 to turn the JPEG into a GIF. GIFs are limited to 256 colours and need less memory to display. You can turn DAs like GIFwatcher DA into an app with DA Piggyback; this enables drag 'n drop and automatic launching when used as a (MacWeb 2.0) helper on System 7. Note that you can't change GIFwatcher's default settings (including the window size) once the DA has been converted into an app - you have to set it up the way you want first, then run it through DA PiggyBack. With RAM Charger it is possible to squeeze _both_ MacWeb 1.00A3.2 and GIFConverter to run simultaneously on a 4MB mac.

If the default screen in MacLynx is too big it is possible to open lynx.cfg file by a text editor and set the lines on a screen from the default 35 to 24, for example (edit the line: TERM_LINES:35 to: TERM_LINES:24). The home page (or sometimes called the menu page) from Internet Config can be invoked with the 'm' key. The homepage can be set by editing the line: STARTFILE:file://localhost/~/index.html; change it to any valid URL. There are many more options in lynx.cfg file.

MacWWW 1.03 (Samba) works on 68000 macs (at least on System 6.0.5 - it crashes on System 7.0.1*). It opens fine, loads the startup page fine (doesn't know how to read files from disk, text-only, no ISO 8859-1 translation, opens a new window for each link). Do not close any windows as this crashes the mac; also quitting MacWWW seems to cause a crash.


ResEdit instructions for proxy support in MacWeb 1.00A3.2:


www helper for midi files (you need QuickTime also):



www helper Sparkle opens and converts mpg- and QuickTime (.mov, .qt) files (you need QuickTime and in pre-7.5 Systems you also need ThreadManager. In PowerMacs you need to install AppleScript extension "ObjectSupportLib" which is included in the installation disks of your system). QTVRPlayer can also play QuickTime virtual reality files.



Graphic Converter opens most imaginable graphic formats:




mac's clock's adjustment






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