JAG's Juke Joint Blues Electronic Samples CD

Hundreds of acoustic and electric guitar samples


I play acoustic blues in the vein of John Lee Hooker, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Bukka White - very funky, percussive stuff with slide as well. I have recorded about 2 hours of samples in various styles - fingerstyle picking, percussive chordal stuff as well as licks, slide and dobro.

I use Reason (any program that allows you to use WAV or AIFF samples will work) to do electronic music and I've used these samples in dozens of ambient, electronica, trance, downbeat and experimental songs. They work really well across many idioms and styles.

These samples can be used for riffs, textural additions, melodies, even full songs can be created from them. You can change the key, tempo and even add effects to them!

Check out some of the samples:

JAG's Samples Demo




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