Jag Solo (1980 - present)

" I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jag's albums are all buffets of cbg riffage. Essential."

Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar


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Cypress Grove Blues by Jag

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JAG solo - (1980 - present)

I did all this without earning a Masters in Public Administration or a Masters Degree in Special Education.

I started out with primitive equipment and taught myself how to record, engineer and play several instruments. I've been in about a dozen bands, some of which are noted below. I've recorded and produced/engineered 3 nationally distributed CD's as well as composed music for three plays. I've played jazz, blues, punk, experimental, metal and country music. After a 7 year recording hiatus, I resumed with a new genre that I had never really played before: blues.

Bluesboy Jag - A Bump and A Beer

13 all new original songs recorded one man band style on my trusty Ashton Sopeedster cigar box guitar and foot drums. Includes new studio versions of "Don't Do That" and "Mean People Blues".

Bluesboy Jag and the Slack - Jawed Yokels - LIVE at the Rev Room

Bluesboy Jag LIVE at the White Water Tavern


Momma Don't Allow



Drop Down

My fourth electric blues CD. I play all the instruments including my hand made cigar box guitars, drums, harmonica and vocals.


Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza CD

Banjo Blues

Recorded 'live to tape' in on a home made four string banjo made out of a cookie tin!

Four Strings

Twenty six acoustic songs played on my hand made cigar box guitars as well as acoustic guitars.

Cigar Box Blues

 Recorded live to tape in one hour on a 3 string hand made cigar box guitar.

Jag's Blues Box

4 CD blues box set containing my acoustic blues #'s 6 ("Argenta") and 7 ("Busker Blues"), Piano Blues ("Barrelhouse") and Electric Blues #3 ("Arkansas Bound"). Released just in time for Christmas.

Cobalt Blues

My second 'electric' blues cd. This one has 18 songs and a slight electronica influence on a couple but don't worry, it works well ; )

SPAZMOTICS - Plastic World - Re-recorded 15 years later! A bluesy tune compared to Bonnie Raitt. From the forthcoming CD 15th Anniversary SPAZ-OUT!

Blues To Go


More acoustic Delta blues played fingerstyle



My first MIDI album in 10 years. This is the sort of thing I've been shooting for in experimental music since I started recording in 1980.

Electric Boogie


16 electric blues songs, drums, some wailing sax, harp and of course electric guitar.

Pretty Girl Blues


Download the entire CD from Magnatune.com and PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT!

21 Songs, most are blues oriented but several step a bit outside the blues idiom and explore country and ragtime styles. Dedicated to 'one little lady'...

Spring 2003

Download the entire CD from iTunes


Cypress Grove Blues

Download the entire CD from Magnatune.com and PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT!

February 2003

My 32nd recording since 1980, this one has 22 songs, (20 are originals) most feature acoustic guitar, some have harp and one has piano, one has vocals by Traci Spencer-Roche.




Woodrow Street Rag (2002, my second acoustic blues CD) $15 including shipping



22 songs, all are acoustic guitar based, a couple have blues harp overdubbed. Traditional Delta Blues style with minimal instrumentation, similar to 'Jag's Juke Joint Boogie".



Jag's Juke Joint Boogie


Download the entire CD from Magnatune.com and PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT!

This is my first blues CD. 60 minutes of pure finger style country blues. It was recorded with just one mic and one guitar, they way they USED to do it. No overdubs and no other instruments were used.

The Deconstructionist (1995) 

More explorations in low-fi, tonal experiments, feedback, just intonation, La Mont Young, Band of Susans, Sonic Youth influences. This one sold out at Waterloo Records during South by Southwest '95.

A song from the Deconstructionist - A DigiTech 1 sec delay supplies the guitar drone chord while I improvise on top with and without an eBow - recorded live to tape.



RockaSurfStompaBilly (1995)

Rockabilly, surf covers. Recorded as close to the originals as possible. All instruments by JAG.



 Fishnet Speedo (1995)


My first (and only so far) 'metal' tape. Lots of Sonic Youth references as well as Band of Susans and Band of Ones. Sonic guitar sound explorations, feedback, just intonation tunings and general madness.



SLACK (1995)


My first (and only so far) all MIDI tape. Recorded with a Yamaha DX 100 and an Ensoniq ENSQ tone generator and Alesis Sequencer. Recorded direct to metal tape for better sound quality, then transferred to CD. Most songs were limited by the tone generator (not multi-timbral) so it took me a long time to finish.



Sound Tchotchkes (1994)

Short sound snippets and 'found' recordings from TV, radio, other sources. Lots of drum machine loops and samples on a $10 Casio sampler keyboard. One of my favorites.

Sound Tchotchkes - TV and radio sound bites, $10 Casio keyboard sampler and some studio trickery.


 The Texturalist (1993)


Texturalist - Lap slide guitar, steel salad bowl, fretless bass. Careful this one disintegrates into weirdness.



New Year's Revolution (1992)

A return to 'lo-fi' production. Lots of cassette duplication and bouncing.



Bill Jagitsch and the Antigua Orchestra - Club Dada (1992)

The introduction of some MIDI instrumentation.



Low Budget (1991)

Low Budget

Recorded on a 2 track cassette deck and overdubbed onto another (bouncing)just like the old days.



Make Up Your Mind (1991)

Make Up Your Mind



All the Noise That Fits (1991)



I'm with Stupid (1991)

The great Alesis drum machine makes its debut. I still use it exclusively.

I'm With Stupid



Art Hurts (1991)



Slapping On Colors (1990)


Bill Ya Bahstud - that's Traci form the Spazmotics sampled answering machine message from London.



BUZZ (1989)


A song from BUZZ



Catching A River In A Box (1989)




Another One (1988)

 Mor live jams with friends, some careening out of control (that's the funnest part).


I'd Rather Be Sorry Than Safe (1987)



Best of JAG (1986)

A collection of my favorites.



No Time This Time (1986)



D I Y (1986)



You Don't Fool Me (1986)

You Don't Fool Me



Kicks (1986)

My first tape that really started to define my 'sound'. Lots of Police influences with a little Zappa solo guitar, maybe s hint of XTC.



One Size Fits All (1985)

A little more 'accessible' (that means not quite so far out).

By this time I was using the Alesis MidiVerb and Microverb for that special digital reverb sound.




Good Little Boy (1984)


Gregorio Indefinito (1984)

More electronics, keyboards and a spring reverb. Experimental music in the truest form.


Collective Minds (1983)

Lots of live jams with friends, most former Black Molly and E.T.C. members.

Fantastic Animation (1983)

I acquired a Roland SH 101 portable synth (the same one Donnie Osmond used in the ads!)


Mixtures and Suspensions (1982)

Now a REAL multitrack recorder (Fostex X-15) was used. This was probably the most influential recorder ever made as it ushered in a new era of 'do it yourself' recording. Literally millions of people started off with this dandy little device. These songs (if you could call them that) are nothing more than experiments in overdubbing. Most are unlistenable and were created in the process of learning how to overdub.



 Big Don Assorted Shorts (1981)

The technology had improved to include a 1960's Sony battery powered mixer and two cassette decks. Tracks were overdubbed while mixing instruments live to the second deck , then bounced back to the first deck with yet more live instruments added. The results were amazingly good considering the primitive equipment.


Jam's With Bill and Walt (1980)

My first recordings with my friend Walt on guitar. Some feature a primitive drum machine and very primitive recording techniques. These are experimentations in the strictest sense - most are unlistenable. Inspired by r stevie moore


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