The Glands (1988-1990)

no not THIS Glands

The Glands filled in the blanks of Homicidal Briefcase. More of an experimental 'art' band than a cover band or party band, the Glands had influences from Henry Cow, Pink Floyd and late 60's acid rock bands from California and England. Brooks played bassoon, guitar, drum machines, tape effects and vocals; sterno played bass and vocals, JAG played guitar, Hugh Harris played keyboards and later incarnations included Christa Lawrence on electric violin. Most performances had improvisational sections where all songs were made up on the spot. Brooks wrote copious instructions for these songs in his 'GlandBooks' which the band dutifully followed during performances, giving the impression that they were reading music.

Brook Caruthers - main writer, guitar noises, ddrum machine programming, electric bassoon

JAG - engineering, drum machine programming, electric guitar, effects

Hugh Harris - Keyboards, trumpet mouthpiece, effects, major chords

Christa Lawrence - electric violin

Sterno - bass, vocals, effects



"Glandscaping In June"

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8 track analog 1988


"Wah Huh?"

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 8 track analog, digital master 1992

"Live at Mandrake's 1990"

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"Glands In the Belvedere Live 1990"

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 Brooks Caruthers projects




The Big BIG City Live Radio Broadcast 1/2/92


the Glands 1991

Live Glands in the Belvedere

Live Glands Show


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Local Press!




Live Glands tape


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