Four Strings



" I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jag's albums are all buffets of cbg riffage. Essential."

Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar


Twenty six acoustic songs played on my hand made cigar box guitars as well as acoustic guitars.

Listen to these samples:


All Worn Out

Red Barn Door

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1.Tell Your Mama

2. Juke City

3. All Worn Out

4. Red Barn Door

5. Fishin' Blues

6. Square Dance Boogie

7.Country Romp

8. Long Way Home

9. Harley Box Blues

10.You Shouldn't Say That

11.Sometimes I'm Lonely Rag


13.Skinny Dippin'

14.You're Cheatin' On Me

15.One Last Walk

16.Done Me Wrong

17.Tip Jar Blues

18.Riverside Rag

19.Helena Street Corner Blues

20.Your Daddy Don't Know

21.Argenta Train Blues

22.Dark Hollow

23.Four String Blues

24.Whiskey Chaser

25.Four on the Floor

26.Leap Frog