Homicidal Briefcase

Sterno - vocals, bass, effects

Clorox J. Libido - vocals, mic stand breakage

Brooks Caruthers - electric bassoon, vocals

JAG - Electric Guitar, vocals, bass, effects, engineering

Dr. Gene Splice - drums, vocals


Homicidal Briefcase grew from a motley crew of musicians with varied backgrounds (boy is THAT an understatement!). Mutated from Little Rock's infamous Subgenius band Doktors for Bob - reknown for being pelted with tomatoes as they performed a blasphemous rant at a New Year's Eve gig in 1986 - the Briefs as they came to be known locally quickly emerged into a neo-punk cover band.

The band featured self-confessed tone deaf Sterno on bass and vocals and rants, Brooks Caruthers on electric bassoon, Dr. Gene Splice on electric drums (complete with styrofoam heads with piezoelectric pickups embedded in the skulls for maximum 'bash' effect); JAG on electric guitar that often sounded more like keyboards run through a disposal; and Clorox J. Libido, lead vocalist and former skinhead/David Lee Roth wannabe. The end result was a cacophony not endured by Little Rockers since reconstruction.



Live at DMZ 1988


Live at Juanita's 1989 Farewell Show



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