"Blues To Go"



My 5th acoustic blues cd. Recorded on my Mac with 1 mic and no overdubs just like the others. This one features "Ain't Gonna Worry My Life No More", "Shake 'Em On Down" and 22 originals.

Here's a full listing of the songs:


1 Cactus Rag

2 Shake "Em On Down

3 Here My Train A Comin'

4 Tell You What I'd Do

5 Midnight Train

6 My Baby's Back

7 Long Time Gone

8 The Great Chicago Fire

9 Slide Talkin'

10 Goin' Down

11 Waitin' For My Rider

12 Come Sit By the Fire

13 Walkin' To New Orleans

14 House Party Boogie

15 Just One More Time

16 Too Many Lies

17 You Got To Go Sometime

18 Ramblin On My Mind

19 Death Toll Rag

20 Baby What You Doin' To Me?

21 Mean Mistreater

22 Goin' Up, Goin' Down

23 Travlin' Lamar Street Blues

24 Ain't Gonna Worry My Life No More

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...................................Here My Train 'A Comin'


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