"Woodrow Street Rag"


JAG - acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica

This is my second instrumental acoustic country blues CD, the first is Jag's Juke Joint Boogie

There are 22 songs on the CD:


1 Woodrow Street Rag

2 Bijou Boogie

3 Long Way To Go

4 Broke Down

5 All By Myself

6 Country Store #9

7 King Bee

8 Drivin To Chicago

9 Boogie Woman

10 My Pretty Girl

11 500 Miles 3:08

12 Creepin and Hidin'

13 Lost Baby Blues

14 Down at Nickel Creek

15 The Runaround

16 All Night Long

17 It's Gonna Be Alright

18 On my Way

19 Someday You'll Be Mine

20 It's Been Too Long

21 Glad You Are Mine

22 Midnight Creeper


Song #1

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