This is my long lost album recorded in 1995. It was the last album I recorded before taking a seven year recording hiatus in 1995. Heavily influenced by Sonic Youth and Band of Susans, this CD is a sonic overload of feedback, overtones, resonation and other living sounds created by guitars and amplifiers cranked up too loud. Most of these songs were recorded with a single mic about 4 inches from a 1948 tube amp with massive baffling to keep the sound from disturbing my neighbor in the next room. Most of teh drums were recorded by hand by tapping the drum pads on my trusty Alesis HR 16 drum machine. This was a tediouos operation because each drum had to be recorded separately on each track of my Fostex analog 8 track tape machine. I fully intended to flesh out this one to a ful 90 minutes like allof my cassettes but I only finished one side.



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