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Some ISP's are no longer supporting the older POP protocol which means thos eof you who are using 68k Macs to read your email might be out of luck. Here is an email client that supports SMTP on 68k Macs (Eudora lite does not). 



Mulberry v2.1b1


Mulberry uses the IMAP (IMAP4rev1, IMAP4, and IMAP2bis) protocol for

accessing mail messages on a server, the standard SMTP protocol for

sending messages, and does lots and lots of things with MIME parts for

mixed text and "attachments" of many different types of files and data.

Mulberry Version 2.0 introduced support for POP3 and Local accounts,

full disconnected IMAP support, PGP, SSL and much more.


Mulberry is also one of the handful of Mac email clients that still supports

68K Macs and Mac OS versions as old as System 7.1, and one of even

fewer that support SMTP authentication/authorization for those



Two Mac Email Clients That (Reportedly) Support 68K and SMTP



The Mulberry v2.1b1 release is now available for testing. This version

also includes a Mac OS X 'native' version for early adopters of Apple's

new OS. Mulberry 2.0.8 is the current final release.


System requirements:


Any 68K or PowerPC Macintosh (PowerPC-accelerated), or

compatible emulation environment

2500K available RAM (4 megabytes total system memory for 68K

and 8 megabytes for PowerPC recommended)

5.3 megabytes of disk space (full install) 3.8 megabytes (minimal


TCP/IP under Open Transport 1.1.1or later or MacTCP 2.04 or 2.06

(Open Transport is recommended)

System 7.1 or later recommended

NB The Mac OS installer now works natively on Mac OS X (as well

as Mac OS classic) and will automatically install the Mac OS X

version of Mulberry as required.


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