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Software Suggestions For Mac Web Servers


Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 10:47:39 -0400

From: "Mr. Tripp Frasch" <tfrasch@MAIL.COLGATE.EDU>

Subject: Mac Internet Servers

I have run mail servers on SE/30s, Web servers on LC's, and managed to run an ftp, web, file, and Hotline server on a IIvx with 12MB of RAM (all at the same time!). This is all very easy to set up and can be done for free typically. Check out Peter Lewis' NetPresenz <www.stairways.com>. It is a great ftp server and does a descent job as a web server - it supports Web* API's as I recall... There's also QuidProQuo, which has some free versions and has built-in support for the Single-Link Multi-Homing in OT 1.3 (which you _can_ install on 030 machines). If you have access to (or $500 to spend), of course use Web*. For DNS, there's MacDNS available free from Apple (though it runs into some limitations as a full-fledged cannonical DNS), as well as QuickDNSPro. Check out EIMS (Eudora's re-vamp of Apple's AIMS) for mail serving. It's only a POP server, but last time I looked (several months ago) there were no great IMAP4rev1 mail servers out for MacOS. IMAP is definately the way to go for mail servers.


Another avenue to persue seriously is Unix. There are several freeware implementations of Unix that will run on 030 machines quite happily. A speedy 68k mac running Unix will actually be much more efficient than many early PPC machines. Check out FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc. Then there, of course, is A/UX -Apple flavored Unix that is quite happy on a IIci or an SE/30 (and you get a System 7 interface and the ability to run all your favorite mac apps!). There is still a pretty extensive support network for this product - let me know if you need/want more info on this.


Tripp Frasch

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