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(updated 9/6/01)

A Verson of Unix that Runs on Macs Without Reformatting or Partitioning your Drive

Download Mac Minix

From the Mac Unix Solutions Page

MacMinix is a Macintosh port of of Minix. MacMinix has just recently been freely released for ftp. There is a patch for 040 Macs below.


Click here for the 040 caching patch.


login: root

password: Geheim







Apple Macintosh Plus, SE, SE/30, II, IIcx, or IIx with at least 1M of RAM. An additional 1M of RAM and a hard disk is strongly recommended. MINIX has been tested primarily with version 6.0 and latter of the Apple system software. Problems may conceivably arise with earlier versions. Any hard disk or display that is supported by the normal Macintosh OS is also supported by MINIX.




animals ar ascii at atrun backup badblocks banner basename bawk btoa cal cat cdiff cgrep chgrp chip

chmem chmod chown clr cmp comm compress cp cpdir crc cron ctags cut date dd de df dhrystone diff

diskcheck dosdir dosread doswrite du echo ed elle ex expand expr factor fgrep file find fold fortune fsck

gather getlf getty grep gres head ic id ifdef indent inodes kill last leave ln login look lpr ls m4 machine

mail make man mined mkdir mkfs mknod modem more mount mref mv nm nroff od passwd paste

patch pr prep pretty printenv printroot ps pwd readall readfs recover ref rev rm rmdir roff rz sed shar

size sleep sort spell split strings strip stty su sum sync sz tail tar tee term termcap test time touch tr

traverse treecmp true tset tsort ttt umount unexpand uniq unshar update users uud uue vi vol wc

whatsnew whereis which who whoami width write




abort abs access alarm atoi atol bcmp bcopy chmod chown chroot ctermid ctime ctype curses cuserid

doprintf dup dup2 fgetc fgets fopen fork fpathconf fprintf fputc fputs fread freopen fseek fstat ftell

fwrite getcwd getdents getegid getenv geteuid getgid getutil gtty index ioctl isatty kill link lock lrand

lsearch lseek malloc memccpy memchr memcmp memcpy memmove memset message mkdir mkfifo

mknod mktemp nlist open opendir pathconf pause peekpoke perror rand read readdir regexp regsub

rename setbuf setgid setjmp setuid signal sleep sprintf stat strerror strlen strncat strncmp strncpy

strpbrk strrchr strspn system telldir termcap time times tmpnam ttyname umask umount


Download it and check it out for yourself.

Segment it into 6 800k discs to load on your Plus or SE




Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 11:26:43 +0200
To: classic-post@hitznet.com
From: Heiko Recktenwald <UZS106@ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de>
Subject: MacMinix1.5

Some fun to have unix on a Plus or se........

I dont know how to use, not a Unix guru, but its complete etc...and the
idea of a real multitasking thing with system 6.....;-)

This morning I got a mail, explaing some of the mac specific commands. The
Prentice-Hall book isnt on the net, but here is a snippet, maybe somebody
is interested:

eject -- eject a diskette from a drive
hdclose -- close hard disk partition
hdopen -- set correspondence of a HD partition to a MacIntosh file
maccreate -- create an empty MacIntosh file
macfile -- list, read, and write MacIntosh volumes
macread -- read a MacIntosh file
macwrite -- write a MacIntosh file
rmaker -- a simple resource compiler
settype -- set type and/or creator of a Mac file

Dont ask me for the details, ask around at comp.os.minix, thats where Linux

The URL for minix is ftp.cs.vu.nl/pub/minix etc...look for Macintosh.

There are some manuals at, see the other snippet:

I should have mentioned in an earlier message that the entire Minix 1.5
reference manual is available at minix1.hampshire.edu in the
/pub/refman.1.5 directory. Also a set of man pages for Minix 1.5 is
available in /pub/minix.1.5/man.
MacMinix Web Site

Its not macspecific, but.......

The hqx files from Amsterdam is around 5 MB, took me one hour with a 14400
GV, around the same time for decoding, so if you can sacrify two hours..

And then, I had to log in. Password ??? Voila:

the login name is root and the password is Geheim (it's case
sensitive) hope that's what you need

also, the extra users on there are:
ast , Wachtwoold

you can edit the passwrods for all of them while logged on as root or
as the user

MacMinix is just a programm, there is MacBoot, you doubleclick on it etcpp.
No difficult HD manipulations needed. Read the files in etc to get some
kind of a clue, whats going on. First thing I did was to write a .kermcr
file for ast, set line /dev/tty3 etc., next thing will be some other file
in /etc that I can log into the SE from the outside.



MacMinix 040 Cache Fix

Thanks to Chris Hanson for this fix!

Here is what Chris posted to the comp.os.minix newsgroup:

Quite a while ago, I worked out how and when to flush caches so I could leave my Centris' 040 running at full blast. This is the result of those efforts.

It adds an optional "flush040()" at two places, one in mm/exec.c and one in mm/forkexit.c, and adds an assembly file to implement that routine to the memory manager. On my Centris 610 I was getting 2000 dhrystones/sec with caches off on a stock kernel; with caches enabled and my new (not even optimized!) kernel, I get around 7000. Happy, eh?

Share & enjoy,

PS - I'm guessing that this will work for 040 accelerators, and other M68000 machines using 040s. If anyone tries it, let me know, okay? :-)

Here are the directions he E-mailed me:

The file should end in .uue - it should be called something like 040sup.uue. Notice under the "table" lines there's a line that says "begin XXX 040sup.tar.Z" - this is the name of the output file to create once it's uudecoded; the uuencoded file name should be 040sup.uue then.

macread "Disk:Path:patchfile.uue" | uud - > patchfile.tar.Z
zcat patchfile.tar | tar xvf -
Apply patches to files indicated in README, move files indicated in README to appropriate spots.

And HERE is the fix.

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