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Lynx and Classic Macs

by (Andre' Berger)




What is Lynx?

Lynx is a text-only web-browser, published under the GPL - this means (essentially) the source code has been published, and Lynx is free for use. See the Lynx FAQ.

A Macintosh port by Oliver Gutknecht gutkneco@lirmm.fr is available, see his MacLynx pages. The latest Macintosh version is 2.7.1b1.

MacLynx vs. using a remote version of Lynx

MacLynx 2.7.b1 is available as PPC- and as 68k (68020 and up)-version; both versions require at least System 7. A bunch of Classic Macs don't meet these requirements (128, 512, 512ke, Plus, SE, Classic, PowerBook 100, Portable). And those that do still often profit by a significant increase of speed if Lynx is run as a process on your Internet Servive Provider (ISP)'s remote UN*X machine.

In other words, it is often faster not to use MacLynx on your Classic Mac at home but the UN*X-Lynx on a UN*X machine that's somewhere in the Internet. You do this by loggin in to you rinternet provider and and typing commands.


As said above, Lynx is a text-only web browser - so you won't see any pictures, however, you can download the pictures to your web space on you rinternet provider you have such web space. Lynx is also limited in respect of certain HTML-elements.

If Lynx is run on a remote machine as explained below, you will be able to download files to the remote machine, (your internet provider's computer) but you won't be able to download anything to your computer. You can still use an FTP program to transfer from the remote machine to your local Mac, but only in case your ISP allows FTP-connections.


Running a remote Lynx

Using lynx

The interface you are presented is nearly as un-Macintoshy as can be (it is probably only topped by the vi-Editor, but that's another story). It's impossible to list all features here, and your configuration may vary anyway, so here's an overview of the most important features.

lynx is operated by keystrokes.


Move around



Closing the connection to the foreign host

Quit lynx. Type exit.

Optionally use your FTP program to transfer your downloaded files from the remote machine to your local Mac.

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