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History of Computer Design: Apple LisaA page about computer Designs.

The Pirates of Silicon Valley A TNT Movie about Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates - Aired June 20th, 1999 @ 8:00pm. Will play again Mon Jun21 @ 11pm, Wed Jun23 @ 8:00pm, Sat Jun26 @ 6:00pm EST, Sun Jun27 @ 2:00pm and 10:30pm.

Justin Maynard's Lisa Page - A few pix and a story.

Owen Ink: The Mac Bathroom Reader contains a chapter on the Lisa... No longer there. :(

The Dustbin - Lisa Page - A small one paragraph page... more to come later?

Binary Dinosaurs - Apple Lisa Page - Adrian Graham's Museum..

The Computing Museum's - Lisa Page - Description and links..

The Apple Renaissance - A very nicely done history time line!

Mesa Menagerie - Creepy Demise of Technology - very brief

Museo AppleA Brazilian(?) page about Apple history with a Lisa section.

Number Crunchers German page about Apple History.

Siliciam - Le musée de l'informatiqueA French Computer Museum page


Apple Museum Xoom - Apple Lisa 2 / XL description and screen shot by DTC. (note the DTC Paper on the desktop) This is a doctored screenshot since the Lisa did 768x384, this is shrunk to 640x400. Also note that the info about the display is wrong.

Apple Museum SeaStar Mirror

Doug Coward's Museum of Personal Computing MachineryPicture and a bit of text.

Retrocomputing Museum

Whatever happened to the Lisa? Article by John C. Dvorak. at Jaghouse

Failure As Driving Force Great article! Lots of Lisa and Xerox PARC mentions.

Mail and Guardian: An insanely great ride through the Apple core. by Jack Schofield's

Net Guide to Computing A brief Lisa Article.

Mining Co Article: Happy 15th Birthday Macintosh!

Kiosks Protecting User Interfaces, not as easy as 123!!

Hitchhiking from CP/M to ProDOS to MacOS to SunOS and Back (In Only Fourteen Days) Mentions Lisa.

Terak Workstation The connection between the Terak and the Lisa

Byte: 20 Spectacular Failures One Paragraph on the Lisa

ZDNet: Gates: in Defense of the PC Article

Low End Mac - Lisa Page

Great Microprocessors of the Past Mentions the Lisa

Microsoft Hall of Innovation Article mentions things borrowed from the Lisa

MacKido Contributions Article Mentions who contributed what for Mac/Apple

Microsoft, Apple and Xerox

The History of the Graphical User Interface

Apple Loses.

Apple VS Microsoft: Virtual Identity in the GUI Wars

Usenet Old News about Lisa

LisaWorks Project - They're going to be working on the project with me. Nothing yet, but they'll likely port it to MacOS.

Apple History on the Lisa

AppleWizards (see June/July issues) for Owen's Lisa History - updated from the Mac Bathroom reader

A DejaNews usenet article (of many) about writing a Lisa emulator... read the whole thread for fun!

X/Lisa Page

Greg Cifu's Apple Lisa page

Tom Stepleton's Lisa page

Tom Stepleton's Apple Lisa Web Page with tour of Office System

Semaphore Signal! A Lisa magazine that you can read!

Classic Computer page (a small paragraph on the Lisa)

Good info on the Lisa's Twiggies

The Heart of the Lisa

The German Computer Museum

The Obsolete Computer Museum - Lisa Page

"Raoul's Lisa/MacXL Tech Info and Software"

Rob Bedeaux's "Apple's Lisa Computer"

Sun Remarketting (but when I tried to get Lisa parts, they didn't call me back!) They now have Lisa OS 7/7 for sale.

The Machine Room (Apple Lisa Page)

Get the Look of the Lisa's windows on your Mac!

Jim's Computer Garage

German Computer Museum Lisa Page. [AltaVista translation]

Apple II HistoryIncludes a mention of the Lisa and the Apple ///

History of Home Computers Brief Lisa page

System Emulators in existence for Linux

BSVC 68000 emulator and framework

Benchmarks for various computers. Note the entries for the Lisa. One indicates a System 5 OS called UniPlus... Anyone have any clue where to get this from?

Archaic Apples WEB site. - Has BOOT ROM sources and other stuff - (like who doesn't these days?) :)

Archaic Apples FTP site.

Justin Maynard's Site. Some info and pictures about the Lisa.

Computer History Timeline Lisa is mentioned.

Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia EncyclopediaAnother timeline

Yet another Time Line...

GUI Timeline

NC Company Profiles Mention of a company that made plotter drivers for the Lisa...

Languages for the Apple2Several mentions.

CLI vs GUI A Paper by J. Luhman mentioning various User Interfaces and the Lisa.

An Unofficial History of Graphical User Interfaces

An Unofficial History of Advances in Computer Interfaces

A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology

Steve Jobs - A Manager Paper on Jobs and the Lisa.

20 Years of Computer Software

Memorial A Memorial Page to various Computers - Lisa included.

OS Development PaperDoes mention the Lisa

Building the LisaQuarium

Apple's Lisa Specs The video info is wrong, it's 720x384!.

Broken Links:

UNM's Apple Hardware (scroll down to Lisa entries) -- Is this still alive?

UNM again - but telling it to search for Lisa for you -- Is this still alive?

Old Mac Software (run'em under MacWorks on yer Lisa!) - no longer available due to SPA

Simon White's Lisa Page (has DTC's Lisa Legacy Paper!) - I've resurected a mirror of this, see the top of the links list.

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