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"Setting up LC series Macs for DSL internet"




The best card to buy for PDS style LC expansion slots is the "Farallon Ethermac" card series. Easily configurable. To setup a DSL connectio to your macintosh LC series computer, Install the card. then install Apple's free "Network Installer V1.4.4" if you are running system 6.0.8LC. Plug your computers ethernet card into one of your routers ports. Configure your router for a static IP for the Macintosh. In MACTCP set it to "Ethernet" in settings choose "manual" and "class C" for subnet, net and etc. Set your gateway address to the IP of your router. Type in the DNS name for your DSL service in the first DNS line following its DNS IP address. in the second line type a . and then the second DNS IP address, go back to the selector screen and type in the static ip address under "IP address" that you setup for your mac." reboot and it should work! (NOTE: make sure you do the default setup that Network Installer Disk V1.4.4 reccomends".

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