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iTools on older systems?

It is possible! ;-)

I have determined that you can use at least two of the coolest features of iTools: iDisk and eMail on older machines/systems... MacOS 9 isn't required... you don't even need a PowerMac - a 68k machine running MacOS 7.5.5 will do!


<>Click here for a screenshot of an iDisk mounted on a Quadra 605 running 7.6.1, with only 8MB of RAM! (The odd settings in the profiler are due to the fact that the machine was being used as an <>internet router.)


How to use iDisk and eMail on older machines:


sign up for iTools without MacOS 9 by <>clicking here. Please note that after signing up, the usual members screen will not display, instead the browser will delay and eventually reload the original iTools screen sans "Go" buttons. However...


once signed up, you can use POP-based eMail with your new "" eMail address. Create a new eMail account in your eMail program... the POP3 server is (For SMTP server you must use your ISP's server because Apple does not provide it. Yahoo mail provides an SMTP server for their users so it is technically possible for Apple to do the same. If you are using AOL, you are outta luck, since they have a proprietary mail system.)


access your iDisk with MacOS systems <>7.5.3, <>7.5.5, 7.6, <>7.6.1, 8.0, <>8.1, 8.5 or <>8.6 (according to successful reports that I've received) by upgrading your AppleShare extension to 3.8.5 or 3.8.6. (It may be wise to update to the latest version of Open Transport that is recommended for your system. Our Quadra 605 had <>Open Transport 1.1.2.)


1.Get the AppleShare extension (3.8.5) from a MacOS 9 System Extension folder or download <>AppleShare Client 3.8.6 from Apple's website. IMPORTANT NOTE: After downloading, double click the AppleShare Client 3.8.6.smi file to mount the disk image but do *not* run the installer - instead, simply drag the AppleShare extension out of the disk image and...

2Install the AppleShare 3.8.5 or 3.8.6 extension by dragging it to the System Extensions folder

3.Restart your machine

4.Go to the Chooser and click on AppleShare, then "Server IP Address" and type in "". Type in your userID and password and there it is! Make an alias of the iDisk to bypass the Chooser the next time you need to use your iDisk.


Caveats - The following features of iTools do not work on older systems:


Accessing other users' iDisk public folders - still trying to figure out if this is possible

KidSafe is closely tied to MacOS 9 and is not available on older systems - the KidSafe technology was developed by a company named NetSelector which Apple <>recently acquired

Any of the browser-based iTools are not available such as:

Apple's online Homepage tools - instead, simply copy the html files into your iDisk's Sites folder. Your homepage URL is:<userID> Note that nested folders in Sites do not inherit the "world readable" sharing setting... so you must put all html and graphics files at the root level of the Sites folder. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature!?

Custom iCards, which use photos from your iDisk Pictures folder are not available for some reason

While you can read iReview postings, you can't post your own! Only those with MacOS 9 have this awesome privilege... ;-)

Changing your iTools password is currently not possible without MacOS 9

All of these restrictions are artificial in that similar features are available on other websites regardless of browser or platform. Apple could increase traffic (if that's the goal) by removing the silly MacOS 9 restriction.


If you have any comments, send them to:


Or, discuss your results on our iTools on older machines forum


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