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Jag's HyperCard Stacks
MacTreasures.com - find older hard to find and out of print software
Mac Portable Tech Tour HyperCard Stack - very cool, tons of info on many Apple products.
See my
HyperCard page for more stacks.
How To Install Linux on An SE/30 - a tutorial with links to web pages and hidden tips you won't find on the Linux web sites.
Using HyperCard to convert text to HTML. Yes, many people have used HC to make their own WYSIWYG (PageMill, Claris Home Page) HTML editor.
HyperCard Player - you'll need this to view these stacks.
Mac Models 84-94 HyperCard Stack - Detailed descriptions of all Macs from 84 until the PowerMacs including startup sounds and Apple Firsts.Black and white version.
Color version of the above stack
Mac History - PICT files o fall the Macs up to 1994 by Hennry Phillipo. NOTE: This is NOT a HyperCard stack, just a series of PICT files.
Macintosh Timeline - the whole story from the Apple I to the iMac. Includes lots of internet links.
Black and White version of the above stack.
Installing Ram Into A Macintosh - pictures, tips, details and hints on installing ram into classic Macs and some desktop models.
Color version - 1.3 megs. Black and white version - 700k.
Simm Stack 4.41 - similar to the above stack, but includes PowerBooks, and desktop models up to 1994. I didn't make this one.
HyperCard Stack on how to connect two computers (Mac to Mac or PC to Mac) with two Modems and you don't even need to use the phone line.
Get Your Compact Mac On the Web! (HyperCard Version) Needs HyperCard Player or HyperCard 2.1 or up.
Make Any Mac A Web Server - from a Plus on up, you can make your Mac a server that people surf to via the Internet.
Jag's Calendar Stack - simple and nifty.
S.H.E. - Simple Hypertext Editor made entirely in HyperCard. Try it! It works beautifully.

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