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Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 09:53:14 +0100

To: Classic Posts <classic-post@hitznet.com>

From: swelter@tbwil.ch (Sascha Welter)

Subject: Re: A free web space question and opinions


"CP Jacobs" <kc8akj@raexdotcomm> wrote:


>Based on your experience, what's the best free web space out there

>that's easily viewable (read: no frames or excessive java that becomes

>garbage) on the older Macs, like the Plus or the not-so-old SE/30?


>FTP access for uploading web pages is a must because: 1) I hand-code

>HTML and 2) using the "free web-page creator applications" on most of

>these sites requires java and/or is VERY slow on older macs (if they

>work at all).

... snip ...

>So, there you have it. Anyone else have any suggestions, opinions, or

>stories they'd like to share?


If you have a telnet client, point it to freeshell.org (or sdf.lonestar.org

which is the same), log in as "visitor" and create an account. I think you

get 10 MB (or was it 5?) of web space with no advertising, no restrictions.

You can ftp your files, and you get a free Unix shell account (with a free

mail adress too, which you can access via the usual Unix clients and via

POP3). You can set up your site to have a URL of the kind

http://username.freeshell.org which is very nice.


>[Moderator's note: this isn't strictly on-topic for the CM list, but I

>think it's an appropriate discussion to have here; if anyone disagrees

>strongly with this judgement, please email all three moderators directly

>and let us know]


freeshell.org is very usefull for Classic users, because it's accessible

with as little as a telnet client, and it lets you use w3m which is a text

only browser that shows frames and tables. From my Mac Plus (4MB, System

7.1.1D) it's much faster to telnet to freeshell.org with Black Night/Telnet

module and use w3m, then to use MacLynx, because with the telnet/Unix/w3m

setup, the pages get loaded on the fast Unix machine and are "downloaded" a

screen at a time, while with MacLynx, pages have to be loaded on the "slow"

Plus. w3m also displays most pages a lot more like they were intended to

look. (Sidenote: I use IPNetRouter on my PB1400 to connect the Plus via

LocalTalk to the cable modem.)


This is also kind of an answer (out of many possible) to the "how to browse

with a Classic" question... ;?)


BTW: I have been subscribed to Classic-Mac a couple of years ago, then was

away for a long time. I'd like to say "Hi!" to all of you and especially

those who may still remember me :o)






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