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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 13:57:08 +0300

To: Classic Macs <>

From: Matti Haveri <>

Subject: Classic Macs Digest browsing


Here is a nice way to browse Classic Macs Digests:


1. In Eudora, select the Classic Macs Digests you want to browse (via

Command- or Shift-clicking the messages).


2. Choose File/Save as... and select "Include Headers" (for some reason

this works better than if the headers are omitted). Uncheck "Guess



3. Feed this saved text-file through MailConverter which converts it to a

sendmail-file which can be browsed either with:


4a. Eudora: place the converted file in Eudora's mail-folder (it is an

Eudora mailbox!), start Eudora and browse the messages. When replying,

check if you want to reply to the poster or to the list.


Tip: It is possible to sort the messages by subject in Eudora.


4b. Browse the converted file with Easy View. Easy View has a settings file

adjusted for sendmail (Sample Formats:Internet Mail Folder:Internet Mail)

-- just place the converted file in this folder, open the Easy View

settings file in that folder and start browsing.


Tip: In Easy View, you can browse the message list up/downwards by 8/2 on

the numeric keypad. You can also clip interesting articles to a file.


BTW, Easy View's settings file may be adjustable for Classic Macs Digest

format but I haven't figured out how to edit it properly. Classic Macs

Digest's message headers seem to vary a little and my edited Easy View

settings file gets confused if Date isn't the 1st message header.


All these applications work on 68000 macs.






Eudora Light 1.5.5 needs at least System 7; v1.3.1 works on System 6.

v3.1.3 has many additional features like filters and it also no longer

splits large messages; it is somewhat slower than v1.5.5.




Easy View:





Matti Haveri <> <>


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