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How To Set Up Earthlink Net Access For 68k Macs




In response to Dan Pritchard <danpritchard@takoma.com>:


>To: Donna Hood Pointer <dpointer@wccnet.org>


>> > If you want, I can send instructions as to exactly how to set up EarthLink

>> > on Classic Networking (MacTCP/MacPPP);<snip>

>> > EarthLink can be reached at 1-800-EarthLink. <snip>


>Here are the instructions.

>[note to moderator: this is kind of long but useful in my opinion. Most

>applies to any ISP.]


>[X] Quiet Mode


If you like to hear your modem make the connection, don't check this one.


>Port Speed: (doesn't matter much, recommended to be set to 2x the speed of



Different modems like it differently. Normally, start with about

double, and play around with it if you are having problems. US

Robotics 56k likes it at 56k, but that's a weird one.


>Flow Control: For me this is None.


This depends on the modem. Global Village modems want CTS only. Most

other modems take both.


>(*) Tone Dial ( ) Pulse Dial

>^^set as appropriate

>Phone num [ your local dialup #, as dialed]


Put *70, in front of the number you are dialing if you have call

waiting on your telephone, or an incoming call will knock you off



>Modem Init: [ I don't need one, if you do, try AT&F1 first ]


This depends on the modem. Supras generally take AT&F1 USRs generally

take AT&F There are web pages out there with large lists of modem

strings for different modems. Look up your brand and model number,

and one of those pages should have the string you need for your modem.


>Modem connect timeout: [ 90 ] seconds


>(Connect Script) (LCP Options)


You only use a connect script with an ISP if they tell you to do so.

Most don't, and using it will simply make connecting more unlikely.




There were serious problems with version 2.0.4, so if you have that

version, update it.


>Click "PPP"


You should only see one PPP client on this page of MacTCP. If you see

more, go into your extensions and disable PPPs until you have only

one, and then go on with these directions.


>--Obtain Address--

>( ) Manually

>(* ) Server

>( ) Dynamically


This depends on the ISP. Most want it set to server.


>--Routing Information--

>Gateway Address:

>[ ]


>(2nd Column:)

>---IP Address---

>Class | A | Address:


This depends on the ISP. The one where I worked as a tech had C for

class rather than A. Set it on what they want you to use.


If you have a different ISP, just put the appropriate domain name

server and addresses where they go for Earthlink.


These directions should generally work for most people regardless of the ISP.


Sue Korlan



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