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Dating A Mac With the Serial Number





>P.S.: How do I tell how old my Plus is? Is it coded into the serial

>number or something? I did not find any date on the back label. The label

>just says:

>"Macintosh Plus 1 Mb" The Serial Number is *C6310ROM0001AP*


This may be of interest to others here as well. I got this info from Apple.

The important digits to figure out what your MacPlus was made are the 3rd,

4th, and 5th. In this case "631". The third digit is the last digit of the

year (will be 5 through 9 or 0), in this case 6 is for 1986. The third and

forth are the week of the year (will be 01 through 52), in this case the

31st week of the year. So yours was made the first of July, 1986 (unless

they worked Sunday <g>). The Plus I'm on right now is a "613", so it was

made in the first week of April, 1986.




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