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Mad With Macintosh Software For Classic Macs Looking for REALLY old software for your classic Mac? List of apps that will run on older Macs    

The history of ClarisWorks
How to put
multiple Mac operating systems on your Mac.
Classic Mac Resource Page
Apps that will run in 68000 Macs. - find older hard to find and out of print software
Yet more shareware
Mac apps in Spanish
Internet Explorer for Mac and PC's


Eudora Lite 1.5.5 - This one works on a Plus under system 7 or up.
Eudora Lite 1.3.1 for system 6.

Fax Software

ValueFax, a shareware program that's small (2.5 MB RAM and 2 MB of disk space required). Also runs on 6.0.5 or higher on anything "better" than a Plus.

HyperCard Games

Univ of Michigan


Get Your Compact Mac On the Web!!

Here's everything you need to get that ole doorstop online

Yes, Virginia, you CAN get an old black and white Mac on the web. This Doc Maker application gives you all the juicy details. Mentioned in Mac Addict and MacUser magazines. Over 20,000 downloads so far.

Other Classic Internet Software

Download AOL Instant Messenger for 68k Macs here

and here

ZTerm - From Polarnet's web site, popular terminal emulation program for Macs. Works on the 512 or up.

HyperCard stack of the above tutorial.

Wanna Be Text Only Web Browser - great little (490k!) browser for PowerMacs and 68k Macs. Needs 7.1 and the Drag Manager and Thread Manager or 7.5 or up to run. PPC Version uses 2.2 megs.

MacLynx - text only web browser

Matti Haveri's FAQ's - 68000 FAQ, Internet FAQ for older Macs, more


Try BiPlane. It's shareware ($29) and is MS Excel compatible. System 6.03 and up, needs 1 meg of ram!

Sum It - works on a Plus or up, needs sytem 7.
Mariner LE - another tiny spreadsheet with a tiny ram footprint.


Tons of cool System 6 add ons
Some great shareware folr older and new Macs.
Using Stuffit Expander and System 7.1 (it's not supposed to work)
More old Mac software, drivers, etc...
Upgrading 7.1 - add Apple's Drag and Drop features to System 7.1
Thread Manager - Give 7.1 another 7.5 feature
CyberDog and OpenDoc - although disontinued and no longer supported by Apple, it's another alternative to bloatware browsers.
HTML Pro - great little WYSIWYG HTML authorware that works on a 020 or up.
Sticky Click - gives you sticky menus under System 7
Startup disk for the HD20 SCSi hard drive - use this if you are setting up the drive for the first time.
DART - Converts disk images forl older Macs - you'll need this to open up the software below.
Apple Tape backup utility for the Apple 40 meg tape backup drive.
Home Automation Links (Mac Plus or up)
Stuffit Expander 3.5.1 - the latest version taht works on a Plus as far as I know.
CD Sunrise is a generic CD ROM driver (no audio support) that works on MOST mac SCSI cd rom drives.
Desktop Manager allows Apple CD ROM drive to work on an older Mac.
Very cool
shareware utilities for older Macs.
Hacking Apple's Drive Setup to see non Apple drives
Compact Pro is a great compression app for Macs including the Plus under system 6! Also runs on my iMac Rev B. Most software on my web site was stuffed with it.
Educational Shareware
Painting, a great little PPC and 68k painting app.
Sounds you can use for HyperCard stacks and other uses.
More apps and utilities for system 6
AOL Mac archive - lots of cools stuff - get it while you can, I have a feeling this old stuff won't be up much longer.
More System 6 utilities.
System 6 INITS and Cdevs
How To Turn System 6 Into System 7 With freeware
Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.0 for System 6 Macs.
Using Kaleidescope on B&W Macs.
Another page on using shareware and free software to beef up your old OS.