Bluesboy Jag Box Guitars

Bluesboy Jag Box Guitars - Over 4,000 Sold

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  • 1,2,3,4 Strings
  • Fretted/Fretless 1 or 2 String Diddley Bows
  • Adjustable String Height
  • Lefties
  • Free How To Play A CBG Tutorial
  • Bass/Guitar Combo: Play Bass & Guitar At the Same Time!
  • Humbucker or Single Coil Pickup
  • Home Made Look, Professional Sound!
  • Fretted or Fretless
  • Ukes, Dulcimers
  • Dog Bowl Resonator
  • Over 4,000 Sold Since 2004!

bluesboyshirt logo

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Click On a Photo Below to Order. Some box substitution may be necessary.

Jerry Garcia Cigar Box Guitar

Jerry Garcia Box Guitar

F Hole Cigar Box Guitar

F Hole Box Guitar

Patton Box Guitar

Charley Patton Cigar Box Guitar

Ouija Board Box Guitar

Ouija Board Cigar Box Guitar

San Cristobal Box Guitar

San Cristobal Parrot Cigar Box Guitar

Sunburst F-Hole Box Guitar

Sunburst F-Hole Cigar Box Guitar

Life Is Good Box Guitar

Life Is Good Cigar Box Guitar


Cinco Decadas Cigar Box Guitar

Le Bijou 1922 Box Guitar

Le Bijou 1922 Single-Coil Acoustic Electric Cigar Box Guitar

Jaime Garcia

Jaime Garcia Cigar Box Guitar

Skeleton Blues Box Guitars

Skeleton Blues Cigar Box Guitar

Dulcimer Box Guitar

Lap Dulcimer Cigar Box Guitar

Cuesta Rey Box Guitar

Cuesta Rey Cigar Box Guitar

Dulcimer Box Guitar

Dulcimer Cigar Box Guitar

Beauty Baritone Box Guitar

Vintage Beauty Baritone Cigar Box Guitar

Crossroads Cigar Box Guitar

Crossroads Box Guitar

Mushroom Grateful Dead Box Guitar

Mushroom Grateful Dead Cigar Box Guitar

Roaring Lion Acoustic/Electric Box Guitar

Roaring Lion Acoustic/Electric Cigar Box Guitar

Red Skull Box Guitar

Red Skull Cigar Box Guitar

Peerless Box Guitar

Peerless Cigar Box Guitar

Skull 16 Box Guitar

Skull 16 Cigar Box Guitar

I'll Follow the Sun Box Guitar

I'll Follow the Sun Cigar Box Guitar

Blame It On My Gypsy Soul Box Guitar

Blame it on my Gypsy Soul Cigar Box Guitar

Relicced Distressed 2 string Diddley Bow Box Guitar

Reliced Distressed 2 String Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar

Grateful Dead Box Guitar

Grateful Dead Acoustic-Electric Cigar Box Guitar

Guitar-Bass Combo Arturo Box Guitar

Guitar-Bass Combo Arturo Cigar Box Guitar


Charlotte Taylor Art #4 Cigar Box Guitar


Pinup Girl Cigar Box Guitar


La Imperiosa Cigar Box Guitar


Black Camacho Scorpion Cigar Box Guitar


Sin Compromiso Cigar Box Guitar


White Arturo Fuente Acoustic Electric Cigar Box Guitar


Hummingbird Cigar Box Guitar


Fonseca Cigar Box Guitar


Two String Fretted Cigar Box Guitar


Don Carlos Cigar Box Guitar


Carrillo Capa de Sol Cigar Box Guitar


Natural Tuned CBG Cigar Box Guitar - Play Regular 6 String Chords!


Oscar Valladares Ciseron Cigar Box Guitar


  • 1,2,3,4 Strings
  • Diddley Bows
  • 1 Bass & 3 Guitar Strings
  • Humbucker
  • Single Coil or Dual Pickup
  • Sound Hole
  • Gold Corners
  • Fretted or Fretless
  • Dog Bowl Resonator
  • Lefties
  • Dulcimer

Rebecca Lovell of Larkin Poe with one of my Bluesboy Jag box guitars.

Larkin Poe Bluesboy Jag Box Guitar BBJ CBG

I have hundreds more boxes, email me and I'll send pics. Some box substitution may be necessary due to limited box availability, however every effort is made to match the photos as closely as possible. My CBG's have an intentional 'made at home' look and are made of real re-purposed boxes with minor dings and scratches - this is not a flaw and in fact adds to the vintage home made style.

Because each CBG is custom built to your specifications and due to labor time and cost expended to fulfill your order, if your CBG is defective I'll modify or replace it within 30 days of arrival to me free of charge pending a detailed inspection by me. If I determine that no modification or repair is necessary, I will send it back to you and you will pay return shipping. Any returns without a pre-approved Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from me will be refused and returned, customer pays return shipping fees. Ordering from this web site binds you to the above policy.