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FREE How to Play A CBG CD and Slide with Every CBG order!

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Custom builds, weird questions?

I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

How To Purchase A Cigar Box Guitar

Are you confused by all the choices? Let me make them for you. You can let me pick a box or choose a CBG that's already made.

  • All my cigar box guitars come with a pickup, frets and 4 strings (unless you prefer a 3 stringer). I use red oak necks and my hand wound magnetic single coil pickup just wide enough for 4 strings. I don't use store bough pickups which are designed for six string guitars. My streamlined production of cigar box guitars means that you'll always get a consistent product.

  • Not sure which cigar box? I choose the best one for you. Or you can choose your own box.

    Choose your own box.

  • Tuning? I tune all my CBG’s to A, you can retune it later if you want.

    How To Tune A Cigar Box Guitar

  • OK so there we have it, a 4 string CBG with pickup, case and already tuned. Yes you can play slide on a fretless OR a fretted CBG.

    Click here and your personalized hand made cigar box guitar will arrive at your doorstep soon!