Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitar Starting at $119.99



Bluesboy Jag, just a note to tell you that I'm addicted. To your CBG LOL! I'm getting a tremendous response from the audience at my gigs due to your CBG and I'm even getting the press to mention it in their articles! KUDOS!

-Kevin Armstrong, Austin Tx/FONT>

Jag, just wanted to let you know that we got the CBG in time for my husband's birthday and he is THRILLED! He's been playing it every day and absolutely LOVES it! Thanks again for such a unique gift.

-Grace Tipton, San Antonio Tx

I've been playing one of Jag's cbg's on the road for almost 5 years and it's still in great shape and delivers the goods every time!

-Will Greene, Terre Haute In

Jag!!! What can I say??!!! The CBG/Bass Combo you made for me is truly a great axe. After just a few minutes of playing slide on it, I wrote a song! It's truly inspiring! THANK YOU!!

-Tom Ruston, Springfield Il.

Thank you so much for the exquisitely crafted 3 string cigar box guitar. Sorry I bombarded you with so many questions! I'm already playing RL Burnside songs with my band and we just started playing blues two weeks ago. -

-Scott Calhoun, Myersburg Fl.

My husband loves his 6 string Bluesboy Jag CBG. His eyes popped out when he unwrapped it and he's played it every day since (going on a week now!). Thanks you again for the guitar and fast shipping.

-Miranda Sittlemore, Scottsdale Az.

JAG's the real deal!!! I've played his cigar box guitars and they absolutely rock.

His cds are mandatory listening for any prim-rock wannabe.

-Shane Speal, self-proclaimed king of the Cigar Box Guitar



I Currently own a 1978 Guild D55, 1987 Guild Nightbird, and a Martin ¬Ý- Ian Anderson signature 0+18 (only 87 made)‚

Just got the three string Cohiba and it RAWKS! Gonna play this weekend at a gig, can't wait! Thank you!!!!

Ron Perry, Lawrence, KS

I have not been able to put down the new Cuesta 3 String!! Just worked out a version of Led Zeppelin "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" last night. Great instrument! Thank You!

Regards, L Perry

Just wanted to say a great BIG thanks for your prompt shipment of my custom 6 string Blues boy Jag CBG. I've been playing it almost nonstop for 3 hours and it's simply fantastic!

Marcus Harris


I recently purchased a 3 string diddley bow from you, and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how totally pleased that I am with it.

I deliberately waited a couple weeks to get some playing time in before writing you - anyone can open the box and say "oh wow, what

a great instrument"...that's a nice thing to do, but it doesn't represent the world that my instruments go through.


I play in a working bluegrass/country/old timey/whatever band - The Lonesome Midnight Cowboys. As a side gig, our guitar player and I

do a duet act called The Goat Ropers, with him on either a Tele or a 6 string CBG, while I am the utility man on 3 and 4 string CBG's,

CBG mandolin, a Speal one stringer, washboard, jews harp, harmonica, mountain kazoo...and now the Blues Boy Jag 3 string Diddley Bow.


Jag, Your humbucker CBG SCREAMS! I get compliments on it every time I play a gig and it's quickly becoming my fave axe! Thanks SO much!

Thomas Kuester


Bluesboy, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that the cbg I ordered last year has played at least one show a week since I got it. By my calculations that's pushing 75 shows. It's built 'RAM TOUGH' and stays in tune and never ceases to bring gawkers up to the front of the stage. Thanks for helping me put my band on the map.

Steven Hemmings


The BBJ 3 stringer plays absolutely super and is built like a tank. It hangs with the electric guitars like you wouldn't believe, and the wide

string spacing allows me to do hammer on's and pull off's with my trusty Stevens steel bar that are incredible. In short - it works and it works real real good!


I've played a couple house parties with it and will be using it at a benefit this Saturday. Out of all my CBG family instruments, it's my r Steady Eddie. Always in tune, always ready to go, always delivers the goods. I am well pleased.

Thank you for making such a well made instrument that a gigging musician can afford and be proud of.


Steve Williams

Vincent OH

Jg, I'm enjoying playing the 3 string la Gloria Cubana I purchased. The guys in my band really get a kick out of it and we've added several new songs that feature it. Thanks again for a great product.

Todd Gardner, Austin

REALLY digging' the 4 string Cohiba F Hole cbg! The hum bucker really grinds!

Thomas Fisher, Clarksville Tn

Just wanted to say thank you for your attention to detail and intricate guitar building skills. I'm addicted to the cbg. The only problem is my wife keeps telling me to go to bed ;)

Marty Calhoun, Dallas

I just received my Hoyo Jag and I love it. I've been playing it for the last 4 hours. Thank you for offering a great product at a very reasonable price.

A. Messenger


Hey there, I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I love my CGB.  My girlfriend Lorijo Daniels bought it for me.  

I didn't have any idea what to make of it when I saw it and didn't realize what a fine instrument it truly is until just recently.

I've never played slide guitar, or an open tuning for that matter, so it's been a bit to wrap my head around.  I'm really a piano player

with decent guitar ability, but not great.  I'm playing the CGB through a fender bassman 25 and a Guitar POD XT.  My stuffy

guitar player friends would look down on the setup, but who cares?!  The CGB sounds friggin awesome and plays beautifully.  It's inspiring.  Sooooo coooool!

 Keep up the fantastic work, you have a fan in Portland.

 Best regards,

Tom, Portland



My CBG came today.

1. Beautiful

2. beautiful and ass-kickin' amp

3. beautiful, solid & cigarbox-like case.

4. sounds good thru Danelectro Ho-Dad amp

5. scary thru Fender Twin Reverb

6. like that funky 9V battery holder.

7. the instruction disc was comprehensive and well planned

8 .the cassettes were a nice touch, and quite tasty

9. Jimmy Rushing! Wow!

10 Blue Bland's 2 steps from the Blues!! Damn!

11. Leroy carr, Christmas in Jail? Seasick Steve has a similar themed song...


12 bars, a box o' cigars, a wine couldn't need more.


Or As Little Richard might say:


Bluesboy Jag, he put the jinx on me,

I got the CBG-bies and I can't get well,

I got the Cbg-bies and it's you I gotta tell,

If I can't find my baby, then you know darn well,

I'm gonna ring those strings like an ol' church bell.


Jag - WOW! All I can say is a great big

W O W!

This guitar is fantastic! It plays like a dream and has a tone that KILLS. My friends keep ooh-ing and ahh-ing when

I jam with them. Your work is precise and gorgeous. I'm starting a new band! Thanks SO MUCH!

Gerald Preston, Minneapolis



Hey Jag, My CBG arrived today, thank you for sending it all the way to Norway! It sounds and looks amazing, I keep having a hard time putting it down,

I've had it for a few days now and I have truly fallen in love with this instrument. And also I could never play slide

before on my other guitars, on this however its not just easy but it feels natural to me.

Adrian Hallangen


Man I bought one of those cheap CBGs on eBay with the transducer pickup and I was really disappointed. So I bought yours with your magnetic

pickup and I gotta tell ya, thing things is AMAZING! The attention to detail really makes your CBGs stand out.

You get what you pay for I guess. Now I know why you are mentioned all over the internet!

 Clinton Tedford 


Bill, I got my Boogie Board today in the mail. Thank you so much for shipping it quick, it is awesome and sounds

killer thru my Ampeg 15in bass amp...just got to build up that leg muscle!! Thanks again....



I love my three string cigar box guitar.  But it's dangerous to have around.  Whenever I grab it, I can't put it down.  It's seriously addictive. 

Though intimidated at first by the lack of frets, I've found it to be very easy to play.  It's well constructed and the electronics work fine. 

And the best thing about it of course, is that all the groupies go crazy over my new natural sounding groove.


Doug Czajkowski


Hey Jag, 

I want to let you know the guitar made it in great shape as promised and it is beautiful!  I have been lusting after one of these for a couple

years and it certainly did not disappoint.  Now I just need to take my rudimentary knowledge and skills and figure out how to play it. 

I am looking forward to the journey.  I may be checking in for one of your foot stompers some time soon.  Thanks!



The guitar came today, we love it, and it sounds great.

Thank you.



Deb is so happy withthe banjo! This is the best present we have ever given her since the bouncy horse

she got for Christmas the year she turned 4! I saw the pictures of it on your website. It looks awesome.

Mary Davis


Jag- I just had to let you know how your instrument was recieved. I

thought my husband would have to learn how to play it for awhile, but

no,instead he tuned it, plugged it in and started playing it like he had

it his whole life! He's in love with it. He said, "finally that blues

sound I've been looking for!". He even called me today from his day

job where he works with kids in a juvinile detentention center and he

brought his CBG and everyone was amazed, one of the correctional officers

happened to have a harmonica with him and they started playing and

pretty soon had a crowd. Tomorrow he's performing at a big festival and has

already come up with a couple of songs he's going to play. I'm going

to take a picture of him playing there and email it to you. I want to thank

you again for making it so fast, shipping it so soon, and making it soundso good.

Sam in California



Just wanted to follow up to let you know my husband LOVES his left-hand cbg and amp!Thanks for a great turn around and a great product!

Happy New Year

Nancy D.


hi jag the guitar and foot stomper arived today both are amazing! the guitar sounds great even when

played without an amp ! Ill be taking it to work everyday to play in my lunch break

John UK


Hi Jag,

Got the Punch guitar last Friday.... excellent sound and really like the work.

Im playing it any chance I get. Thanks, Daniel


Hey Jag,

Guitar & amp arrived today. No problemo,

Sounds nice and dirty, I just love it ! Thanks for the nice job,

Marco. Belgium


Hey Jag, just got the La Grand Fabrica cbg and it is KILLER!!! It'll be perfect for the blues festival I'm playing in Maryland.

I can now effectively do covers of Moreland and Arbuckle at my gigs! Thanks man.


Hi Jag,

Thank you for my cigar box guitar it's beautiful I shall enjoy very much making a noise on it! Bye, Alison (UK)


I just received my first cigar box guitar by Jag, and I simply couldn't be happier with it! This little instrument is a whole lot of fun, and EASY to play.

I've owned a bunch of musical instruments over the past 30 years, but dollar for dollar this has got to be THE best bargain I've ever had! Jag is a true craftsman!

I know that he plays it with a slide, but for myself, I've found that the neck is so silky smooth that I like to "fret" the strings and slide up and down the fingerboard that way.

Overdrive it a bit, through a little tube amp, (or in my case a solid state amp with a tube emulator pedal), and you've got the makings for some geniuine,

heart grindin', foot stompin', po' boy, street corner blues. For a different sound I'm thinkin' about getting another one fretted . . .

string it up lighter, and try it with a drone string (like a mountain dulcimer.) I think that would be the cat's ass, too!

I can't wait to incorporate this into my band's "MucklandMusic" sound!

Kevin Sprague I received the guitar yesterday... It is PERFECT! I am giving it to my 11 yr old son for his birthday.

He loves to play guitar and came across a guy with a CBG last yr. He was amazed after playing it and has wanted one since then.

I  am going to have a really hard time waiting until the 21st to give it to him!!! You did a great job. I know it will sound great and that he will LOVE it!

Lisa, Tx


Jag, I received the CBG, case and amp yesterday. All I can say is wow! This is the first one I have seen in person but the quality

is unbelievable and you are a true craftsman. I cannot play a regular guitar but I love the history and songs of the

southern bluesmen and hope I can learn to play a little. I want another one, these things just look so awesome!  


Dear Bluesboy Jag,

First of all, I bought a guitar from you in March and have LOVED it! the pickup sounds great,

action plays well, and I have found it sounds a lot like a sitar if you play it a certain way.


Also, I bought a guitar yesterday for my brothers birthday-- when you ship the guitar to him, please do not include the receipt, as it is a gift.



R. Schneider  


Another great instrument, thank you so much, you are the master of the box guitar!!

-R Schneider


HI . well i got my guitar this morning . I love it and it sounds great ¬Ý, nice case too . thanks .

Billy H. Rogers Ar


HEY JAG! did someone ever tell ya that your CBG are a wonder of keeping in tune-mine barely needs tuning after i tuned it WEEKS ago�

I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with not only the quality of workmanship but with the sound of the guitar also.

Everything was much nicer than I had anticipated.You did a beautiful job on it. I wouldn't hesitate to

buy another one from you or to recommend you to anyone interested in buying one of these great instruments.

Thank you so much.



Hey Jag!


I got your cigarbox...great work...sounds cool....still experimenting but I am very pleased with the slide sound especially!

 Thanks again




got my cb guitar yesterday and have been playing it ever since,sorry for the delay but you make awesome guitars

love the warm sound from¬Ýyour pickup she sure screams for one string and a broom stick! love it! Thanks!

Chicago mike


Got the guitar for my son. Its great! Will get one for myself soon.

Thanks! Lionel Johnston


I received my CBG yesterday and played it forseveral hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the instrument and expect

I will log many, many hours playing it. I tried it in open A, open G and G5. Open A seems to be optimal with the strings it came with.

I would like to compliment you on your craftsmanship (my wife sends her compliments aswell). I played the instrument through my

Ampeg Jet tube amp, straight into the amp and also through a Korg ToneWorks processor, with excellent results. I also played it through

my Fender Acoustasonic amp which produced very appealing tones and really brought out and enhanced the acoustic properties of the

instrument. Thanks for being out there and also for your prompt service. I really appreciate what you're doing!

Bobby Q

North Little Rock Times Article

Sync Weekly Article



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