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Custom builds, weird questions?

I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

Can you make me one of those (fill in the blank) style CBG's like you have on your web page?

Let me know which box you like and I'll try and find another one for you. Keep in mind I buy my boxes in bulk and I get what I get so it may take a while.

What about making a cigar box guitar out of one of my boxes?

Of course! The best thing to do is email me some pics of the box and I'll get back to you. Some boxes work better than others :)


Man I bought one of those cheap CBGs on eBay with the transducer pickup and I was really disappointed. So I bought yours with your magnetic pickup and I gotta tell ya, thing things is AMAZING! The attention to detail really makes your CBGs stand out. You get what you pay for I guess. Now I know why you are mentioned all over the internet!

Clinton Tedford

Pheonix Arizona

JAG's the real deal!!! I've played his cigar box guitars and they absolutely rock. His cds are mandatory listening for any prim-rock wannabe.

-Shane Speal, self-proclaimed king of the Cigar Box Guitar

I love my three string cigar box guitar. But it's dangerous to have around. WheneverI grab it, I can't put it down. It's seriously addictive. Though intimidated at first by the lack of frets, I've found it to be very easy to play. It's well constructed and the electronics work fine. And the best thing about it of course, is that all the groupies go crazy over mynew natural sounding groove.

Doug Czajkowski

The guitar came today, we love it, and it sounds great.

Thank you.



Deb is so happy withthe banjo! This is the best present we have ever given her since the bouncy horse she got for Christmas the year she turned 4! I saw the pictures of it on your website. It looks awesome.

Mary Davis


This thing is great. All the blues licks I used in my banjo days
suddenly work again, and what sustain! This thing sounds great, and
the construction is amazing. I haven't gone to high-G tuning yet.

Frank Andrews

Hey Jag!

I got your cigarbox...great work...sounds cool....still experimenting but I am very pleased with the slide sound especially!

Thanks again


Got the guitar for my son. Its great! Will get one for myself soon.

Thanks! Lionel Johnston

I just received my first cigar box guitar by Jag, and I simply couldn't be happier with it! This little instrument is a whole lot of fun, and EASY to play. I've owned a bunch of musical instruments over the past 30 years, but dollar for dollar this has got to be THE best bargain I've ever had! Jag is a true craftsman!

I know that he plays it with a slide, but for myself, I've found that the neck is so silky smooth that I like to "fret" the strings and slide up and down the fingerboard that way.

Overdrive it a bit, through a little tube amp, (or in my case a solid state amp with a tube emulator pedal), and you've got the makings for some geniuine, heart grindin', foot stompin', po' boy, street corner blues. For a different sound I'm thinkin' about getting another one fretted . . . string it up lighter, and try it with a drone string (like a mountain dulcimer.) I think that would be the cat's ass, too!

I can't wait to incorporate this into my band's "MucklandMusic" sound!

Kevin Sprague


Hi! I've left positive feedback for you (of course!), but I just have to tell you personally, this Harley guitar has an absolutely amazing tone! I believe that this is your best CBG style guitar yet! Congratulationson a tremendous instrument!

Bob Serra


I recieved my cgb on friday and have barely set it down since. This is an incredibly fun little instrument. Your craftsmanship is superior. Thanks so much.

Bryan Smith

I received my CBG yesterday and played it forseveral hours. I thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness of the instrument and expect I will log many, many hours playing it. I tried it in open A, open G and G5. Open A seems to be optimal with the strings it came with.

I would like to compliment you on your craftsmanship (my wife sends her compliments aswell). I played the instrument through my Ampeg Jet tube amp, straight into the amp and also through a Korg ToneWorks processor, with excellent results. I also played it through my Fender Acoustasonic amp which produced very appealing tones and really brought out and enhanced the acoustic properties of the instrument. Thanks for being out there and also for your prompt service. I really appreciate what you're doing!

Bobby Q


Man i LOVE this thing! It's got a REAL nasty slide tone, perfect to wake the neighbors! HIGHLY recommended! Thanks!

Josh Redding, Jackson Mississippi

Ibought three of Bluesboy JAG's cigar box guitars and I love them all - they all have a unique sound. I've told several friends about you, hope some sales come your way soon!

Matt Johnson, Benton Arkansas

I fianlly got a Blueboy JAG CBG and it was well worth the wait. JAG plays the HELL out of them and he knows how to build them. The neck is super easy to play, the intonation is perfect and his hand wound pickups sound like a Gibson ES 335!

Michael Harding, Ypsalanti Michigan

I saw Bluesboy play one of these at the Whitewater and I hust HAD to have one! They rock!

Chad O'Keef, Little Rock Arkansas

Been playing for thirty + years and Jag's CBG's have given my playing a new lease on life. These things are hard to put down (just ask my wife!)

Benny Timms Tulsa Oklahoma

Jag- I just had to let you know how your instrument was recieved. I
thought my husband would have to learn how to play it for awhile, but
no,instead he tuned it, plugged it in and started playing it like he had
it his whole life! He's in love with it. He said, "finally that blues
sound I've been looking for!". He even called me today from his day
job where he works with kids in a juvinile detentention center and he
brought his CBG and everyone was amazed, one of the correctional officers
happened to have a harmonica with him and they started playing and
pretty soon had a crowd. Tomorrow he's performing at a big festival and has
already come up with a couple of songs he's going to play. I'm going
to take a picture of him playing there and email it to you. I want to thank
you again for making it so fast, shipping it so soon, and making it soundso good.

Sam in California

I gave the "black punch" acoustic (no pickup!) cbg to my boyfriend for his
50th and he won't stop playing it! And I mean not for a second.
By the way, it's plenty loud enough for his show.

He's also going to write
you to thank you for building such a beautiful instrument.
Thanks for all of your help and advice. You really delivered for me.

He used it for busking on the waterfront of Old Town Alexandria, VA
yesterday and the guitar caused quite a stir. People just stared. And
with no mic. I gave him some other things for his b-day, but I only needed to give him the cbg!

He really is entranced.


Big thanks to Bluesboy Jag for making a CBG for my girlfriend to give
me for my birthday! I am an acoustic one man band in the Delta style
and have known about your guitars and excellent playing for a while.
I play clubs and school shows and all Summer for the last 10 years or
so I've played in Old Town Alexandria outside on the waterfront
busking. I wasn't sure if the CBG would be loud enough acoustic for
my outdoor show since I play National Steel Tri-cone usually. I have
been amazed at how great it comes across while busking. I walk right
up to the crowd so everybody can see the tooth pick frets and it is a
big hit. I use a heavy percussive style with finger and thumb picks
and the thing really carries! I tell people that JAG is the
Stradivari of CBGs.

curtis blues

Hi. The bass has arrived. It's wonderful!

I'm very glad & proud to have a Jag Cbb .

Pablo in Italy

Hey Jag,

It just occurred to me that I may not have contacted you after I received my CBG from you???

If not I need to thank you profusely as I am Hooked! So Thank You!

Kim Boyle

Tremendous craftsmanship - this thing is AWESOME!

Brad Gray Conway, Ar

I can put my punch CBG down, it's really made a BIG difference in my playing.

Willem Headers, Nashville, Tn

I am enjoying my new cbg very much! Thank you!

Antonio Valdez, Mexico City, Mexico

tried out my amp today. cool tone .sounds like a tube

amp.i think that speaker may be bad(i supplied speaker

in antique radio). i actually took it out of the box

tried it in the parking lot of gig.took it in and had

sound man mic it .played three songs with cigarbox

guitar you made for me and two with gibson les

paul.crowd was diggin it.i gave your web site info to

several players as they said they have to have

one.thanks for the professional service and awsome

product.product isnt really a good word for something

with such attitude and life,thanks for introducing me

to my new band member.paul jones