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Tell Me About the Cigar Boxes That I can Choose From For A Custom Made CBG

I get my cigar box both locally and from cigar vendors. All are wood and I make sure that they are reinforced on the inside for extra stability. I use many different styles and brands as indicated on my boxes page

Many of the boxes I get in bulk quantities so I don't have a choice as to the brand or style while others are I can select locally. The odd shaped boxes are used for my cigar box amps.

I prefer to use the rectangular boxes for guitars as they are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to play. The necks are attached to the lid of the box, allowing for optimum adjusting for the string height (action). Some cigar box guitars have a height adjustment screw on the underside of the neck. You can adjust this as necessary to raise or lower the strings.

Each box is unique and therefore has unique sound qualities. Some woods resonate differently from others and have a different tone. I compensate for the differences in tone by securing the inside corners and lids of the boxes for better sustain. The thicker boxes tend to have a brighter tone while the thin boxes have a darker tone. I spray each box with lacquer to protect the box and ensure a longer life. This does not effect the tone.

Most boxes are about 6x8 inches although there are some brands that are larger. I very rarely see boxes that are larger than 10 inches long, however this does not effect the playability at all. If you are looking for a large box, please email me and I can see what I can find.