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Cigar Box Amplifiers

Guitar Sound Clip with my CB Amp

Blues Harp Sound Clip with my CB Amp

All amps are $79 + $15 shipping = $94 shipped!

Bluesboy Jag's Custom Made Cigar Box Guitar Catalog
"A hand made one of a kind cigar box guitar that will turn heads and last a lifetime."

 SALE! All Cigar Box Guitar Prices Are Marked Down 30%


 Made from real cigar boxes and old radios

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tried out my amp today. cool tone .sounds like a tube

amp. i actually took it out of the box

tried it in the parking lot of gig.took it in and had

sound man mic it .played three songs with cigarbox

guitar you made for me and two with gibson les

paul.crowd was diggin it.i gave your web site info to

several players as they said they have to have

one.thanks for the professional service and awsome

product.product isnt really a good word for something

with such attitude and life,thanks for introducing me

to my new band member.paul jones

All amps are 7 watts and run off a 9 volt battery. They are plenty loud enough for livingroom jamming.

All my CB amps have external speaker outputs so you can plug them into the PA or a larger amp and can run off AC power.

I use this setup live and can get a GREAT tone thru my 100 Watt Music Man amp.

Sales are brisk so it's hard to post amps on the web page. I can make an amp in about a day.

All amps are $79 + $10 shipping.

Guitar Sound Clip

Blues Harp Sound Clip


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