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Bluesboy Jag's Learn How to Play a Cigar Box Guitar CD

(Free with every CBG purchase)


*Over Two Hours of Video Closeups, Tips, Tricks and Hints From A Professional Guitar Instructor Since 1980

*How to tune a CBG

*How to play slide on a fretless CBG

*How to play a fretted CBG

*3 and 4 String CBG Chords

*Alternate IV & V Chords

*Basic Music Theory

*Cigar Box 3 String chords DAd (D)Tuning

*Cigar Box 3 String chords GDg (G) Tuning

*Cigar Box 4 String chords EAeG# (E) Tuning

*How To Tune Your Cigar Box Guitar

*Slide Tutorial

*CBG Tabs

*Finger Style Playing Without A Pick

*Muting Strings While Playing Slide

*Jag's "Finger Snap" Technique

*How To Play An Open Walking Bass Line/Boogie

*How To Play A Fretted Walking Bass Line/Boogie

*How To Play A Slide Walking Bass Line/Boogie

*How To Play Rhythm Chords With A Slide

*One Finger Chords

*Combining Picking, Chords and Single Note Slide Licks At the Same Time

*Muting Slide Chords and Open Chords

*Muting Open Notes With the Fretting Hand

*Skipping Up Strums and Down Strums To Create Syncopation

*Hill Country Style CBG Playing

*Licks, tricks and tips

*Intricate finger style picking and chording

*Open Tuned to Open G: G D g or Open A: A E a Open G: G D g or Open A: A E aCBG Scales

*Includes instructions on how to play "Baby please Don't Go" and Other Songs.

*Basic Music Theory

*Bluesboy JAG CBG Manual


" I've been playing six and 12 string guitar (on and off) for 30 years, within an hour of watching Jag's video,

I learned more about playing finger style and slide than I've picked up from the countless books and competing videos

I've wasted money on over the years. I can't recommend or endorse Jag's video lessons highly enough. It's opened up a whole new style of playing for me.

Jag's video makes it simple. You'll learn most all of what you need to know about fingerstyle and slide in nothing flat.

It's a rarity that I buy something and it's a hell of a lot more than I ever expected. Most products these days are a let-down, Your's is just the opposite!

In short....Doughboy says "Buy it!"

Thanks again,

Ron "Blind Doughboy" Marr

I havent see the video he sell, but have picked up some cool stuff from his youtube vids. you can't get RL Burnside or Jessie

Mae Hemphill from anybody else that I know of....

Jag is the man if you want to learn to play CBG or blues!!

Big Daddy


I have a friend who purchased a BluesBoyJag instructional playing video as an early Christmas present for himself. I just wanted to pass along that he

is raving over it. He get's lots of blues music and instructional stuff and Jag is right up there at the top of the list according to my blues playing friend.

Ray Heilman


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