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FREE How to Play A CBG CD and Slide with Every CBG order!

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Custom builds, weird questions?

I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

Email Me the Box and Style of CBG You want: 3 or 4 string, single coil(199.99) hand wound ($199.99) or humbucker pickup $119.99), electric or acoustic/electric, $25 shipping.

This is a gorgeous, large wood box, thin top which means great acoustic tone.

Beautiful Natural Sunburst

Beautiful Faux Vinyl Box

Motorcycle License Plates

Gorgeous Black Leather Estoque Box

These Extra Large Boxes Are Great For Six String CBG's, Dulcimers or Baritone CBG's (Jaime Garcia Is For Comparison)

Vintage License Plates!

A Very Cool Simulation of A Record In A Circular Box

These Make Great Boxes For Six String CBG's

All boxes are wood, including the paper covered boxes (Red or Black Punch or Don Tomas for example).

Gorgeous Flathead Amp Box!

Gorgeous Black Thin Box - Great for 3,4 stringers.

These Cuesta Rey Boxes Are Hot Sellers!

This One Would Make An Excellent 3,4 or 6 String CBG

Gorgeous Regius - great for 3,4,6 stringers.

This One Is Great for 3,4,6 stringers.

This is a very cool leather top box with trunk corners already attached.$15 extra due to my cost

Camacho boxes. Gorgeous poly finish! Ask Me What Colors I Have In Stock

Gorgeous Thick Poly Finish and Nice Thick Lid


The Jabak boxes are great for amps too.

The brick house boxes are great for amps too.

The Aurora boxes are great for amps too.

The La Bijou boxes make excellent 3,4, or 6 string cbg.

These are boxes for my cigar box amps.You can purchase a CBG with matching amp for $280 plus $20 shipping.

I Can Make A Matching CBG For This Amp Box

Amp Boxes

I Can Make A Matching CBG For This Amp Box

Here's A Great See-Thru Punch Amp Box


This is an amp box. You can purchase a matching Black or Red Punch cbg with it.