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I make a TON of custom models, dual pickups, selector switch cbg's, short scale basses, dulcimer guitars etc...

Bluesboy JAG Hand Wound Pickups

Listen here: Check out example #1. Example #2.

Each pickup includes wiring already soldered to the pickup. This includes a volume pot and guitar jack. No soldering needed. Installation manual included.

Made exclusively for Bluesboy JAG Electric Cigar Box Guitars for "Superior Tone".

These puppies are completely hand wound which means several hours of painstaking detailed work.
It takes a lot of patience and skill and a lot of trial and error to get it right,but some of us think it is worth it.

My pickups have a much better tone for cigar box guitars, they add more mid range, giving the CBG a more even sound. CBG's are known to have a very treble tone, my pickups compensate for that.

In addition to that, many of my CBG's with my pickups installed have an excellent ZZTOP or Black Keys type of
humbucker tone (my pickups are not technically humbuckers but that's another discussion) which sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE
with a little tube distortion and a glass slide.
Check out example #1. Example #2.

I use large, very strong magnets that are the industry choice for electric guitar pickups, not cheap hobby shop magnets. 7000 winds means these are hot pickups but not too hot.

These pickups use industry standard copper wire and several thousand winds per bobbin for that extra HOT tone, just what Bluesboy JAG CBG's demand. Warm, full tones for mellow guitar passages and STINGING 50's style hot overdrive for when you REALLY wanna knock 'em dead!

If you REALLY want some massive overdrive, I also offer the EXTRA HOT pickups which have 8000 winds. These are also great for finger style picking because the extra winds really amplify the usually lower volume finger picking.

WARNING! You may get some dirty looks from the bass player when you crank these puppies - they are known to make many a fellow musician green with envy with their super saturated sticky sweet overdrive tones! I use the EXTRA HOT pickups in my personal cigar box guitars and turn the guitars volume down for rhythm and back up when it's time to wail.

You can purchase the pickups separately for $19.99 or $29.99 each plus $5 shipping.

Bluesboy Jag 3 String Cigar Box Guitar Pickup (7000 Winds). $19.95.

Extra Hot! Bluesboy Jag 3 String Cigar Box Guitar Pickup (8000 Winds). $29.95.

Bluesboy Jag 4 String Cigar Box Guitar Pickup (7000 Winds). $19.95.

Extra Hot! Bluesboy Jag 4 String Cigar Box Guitar Pickup (8000 Winds). $29.95.