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Are these professional instruments? I mean can you play them live at real concerts and gigs?

I've used a CBG for every single Bluesboy Jag electric performance I've played over the past 6 years. There are literally hundreds of professional musicians that either use CBG's exclusively or as part of their live performance. CBG's are guaranteed to get you attention. It never fails that after virtually every performance I get people who come up to me and ask me about my cbg. The CBGs help get me gigs as well due to their uniqeness.

I have three CBGs that I take with me out on the road: a 6 stringer, a 4 stringer with a humbucker pickup and a 4 stringer fretless with my hand made magnetic pickup. Each has unique characteristics and tones. All have been played hundreds of times live and they've been thrown in the back of my car for long road trips many a time. A simple tune up is all they need before a gig.

I often tune them differently for different songs and I also carry a capo with me in case I need it to change they key of my cbg.

Here are a few musicians that use CBGs:

Richard Johnston

The Presidents of the United States of America

Ben Prestage

Gerry Thompson


CuzN Wildweed

pat mAcdonald & Melanie Jane

John Lowe

Reverend Deadeye

Moreland & Arbuckle


Timothy Renner David Williams

Jimi Hendrix

Muddy Waters

Carl Perkins

Lightnin Hopkins

Blind Willie Johnson

Big Bill Broonzy

Buddy Guy

Albert King

Scrapper Blackwell

Albert Collins