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Can You Play Songs With Just 4 Strings?

Well duh! (That means of course you can). For example, an open tuned 4 string cigar box guitar is exactly the same as a 4 string banjo (a banjo without the extra high string on top). So any song you can play on a banjo you can play on a similarly tunes cigar box guitar 'right out of the box'. Heck you can play any song your little heart desires on a THREE string cigar box guitar.

In addition, a lot of cbg players tune the guitar just like they would tune a 6 string guitar. For example: if your cbg has the 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings on it, tune them


Just like a regular tuned 6 string guitar. You can play a C chord, A chord, E chord and many others just like you would on a 6 string guitar. This allows you to play MILLIONS of songs. Sure, you're missing some strings but remember, you only need THREE notes to make a chord, NOT SIX.

Some of the stringed instruments that have just 4 string include the ukulele, baritone and tenor guitars (which were very popular in the early jazz years).

Check out Gootar, a nifty chord maker for 4 string instruments: