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Mad With Macintosh


Networking A Mac Plus to an iMac With the Asante EN/SC



Ever since I got my iMac, I longed for the day when I could network my Mac Plus to it. I still use the Plus and enjoy tinkering with older hardware to see how far I can push it. I tried the Farallon Etherwave which converts a serial port (printer) to ethernet, but alas it was too slow to actually use. I could connect it to the iMac, but the throughput was way to slow to even copy files. I jumped at the chance to buy an Asante EN/SC which converts SCSI to ethernet. You can buy these for about $5 at your local thrift store or for about $15-20 on eBay. If you find one of these on eBay without a power supply, here are the specs:

Input: 115VAC 60hz 30 w
Output: 12VAC 1.25A


I downloaded the driver from Asante's web site. Even though this product first shipped in 1991, it's still popular, especially for PowerBook and Classic users who don't have an ethernet port.

I had some trouble getting it to work until a friend emailed me a disc image of System 6.08 with the driver installed. I popped that into my Plus and was able to network to my iMac, my Power Computing G3 and my Centris 660.


Here's how:

You need the following files in your System folder (6.x or 7.x):


and of course the Finder and System and any other system files you wish to include.


Or you can download the 800k disc image below. You'll need ShrinkWrap or Apple's Disk Copy 6.1 to convert the disc image on the Plus, then copy the converted data to an 800k floppy. You should even be able to boot off the floppy and network to any Mac, although I chose to copy it to my hard drive so I could boot from the hard drive.

Disc Image

Next, go to the Control Panels and choose the Network Control Panel and choose 'EtherTalk Alternative'. Now go to the chooser and turn on AppleTalk. Then click on 'AppleShare' and you should see your other Macs in the window. Just click on one and type in the appropriate password and username and you will connect.

Here is a screen shot of my Plus with my G3, iMac and Centris 660 all mounted on it's desktop.


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