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Mad With Macintosh


Using a PeeCee to Download mac OS for A Classic Mac



Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 22:23:21 +0200

To: Classic Macs <>

From: Matti Haveri <>

Subject: Re: System 7.0 from Apple


>From: Tom Chipley <>


>I have a SE with 4 meg of memory, the 800K floppy, 250 meg hard drive, running 6.0.8. I decided to update the little beast to 7.0.1. In order to do this I downloaded the .smi copy of the system software from Apple's archive (both 7.0 and 7.0.1 along with the updater) onto my 4400 and then loaded them to a Zip and copied them onto my SE hard drive (the Zip software on the SE is version 4.2 and the 4400 driver is 5.3). In theory I should have been able to double click on the .smi file and the extraction would occur. However, with both of the downloaded files I receive a dialog box reading <Unable to execute "". System 7.0.1 or later is required (1)>. This is profoundly illogical. It is as if the program is telling me I can't load 7.0.1 unless I have it already.


Check 68000-mac-faq <>:


* Q: How to upgrade from System 6 to System 7 if I don't _already_ have

System 7.0.1* boot disks?


A: You can download System 7.0*, 7.0.1* and 7.5.5 from Apple. However, Apple sites now store these as .smi images that can't be opened in System 6 (or 7.0)! It was not a smart move from Apple to transfer these System 7.0.* images from System 6-compatible Disk Copy 4.2 format to .smi which requires System 7.0.1... But wait, there is a solution:


1. If possible, use another mac running System 7.0.1 and up to decode .smi images to System 6-compatible Disk Copy 4.2 format (and write the disk images back to floppies).


If using a lone System 6 mac:


2. Download System 7.0* or 7.0.1* from other sites that have them in Disk Copy 4.2 format.


List of MacOS download sites:




List of boot disk download sites:




This site has System 7.5.3 Disk Tools disks for 68k and PPC macs:




3. Get System 7.0.1 squeezed on 800K floppy and decode System 7.0 or 7.0.1.smi files running it (big finder version for the Plus and the SE, the mini-finder versions can't mount disk images):




...It seems that #1 is the right choice for you because you can use the 4400 to decode .smi images.


I could not find anything on the Classic Mac archive nor on the Apple web site about the problem.

Apparently you didn't search hard enough because I posted the previous info almost word-to-word last september ;)



Matti Haveri <> <>

more on downloading Mac OS on a PeeCee:

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 22:29:41 +0200

To: Classic Macs <>

From: Matti Haveri <>

Subject: Re: question on SE 6.05


>From: George Bradford <>
>I'm running an SE with 6.0.5 and want to upgrade to at
>least 7.01 My problem is the only computer I have is a
>Windoze machine. I use TransMac and can get stuff into
>it. Its just that the mac will not recognize .hqx .sit
>or .bin I'm trying to load maczip, stuffit expander
>and anything else to be able to read the files so i
>can get underway with my upgrade. I really need to
>maybe find any of the software to extract or even
>7.0.1 in .sea format (If it will even work on it) or
>if there are any other suguestions that would be


Your SE has a SuperDrive which can use both DD and HD floppies, right? This

makes things _a lot_ easier!


mac-internet-faq <>:


Q: How can I download mac files via a PC and then use them on my mac (given

that I don't _already_ have mac decode/uncompress software)?


A: Sometimes mac-users are in a situation where their only connection is via PCs and they need to transfer files through them. They need to have StuffIt Expander (or some other utility) to convert BinHex (*.hqx) and MacBinary (*.bin) files. If they don't have a working copy of StuffIt Expander then Mac-ette (or MacSEE or TransMac) makes it possible to get it via a PC:


1. Get Mac-ette and StuffIt Expander (get the MacBinary version!) to the PC. Get also WinZip and Uucode if the PC doesn't already have similar apps. Use _binary_ transfer.




<> <>



2. Uudecode, unzip and launch macette.exe on the PC. Put in a mac-formatted HD-diskette (or format it with Mac-ette) and open the desired folder/directory in it.


3. Copy stuffit-expander-401.bin to the mac-diskette using _MacBinary_ option in Mac-ette. With StuffIt Expander installed on a mac your next file-transfers are easier:


4. You can FTP and copy subsequent mac-files to PC-diskettes. Remember to use _binary_ transfer with MacBinary *.bin and compressed files such as *.sit and *.cpt! Mount PC-diskettes on a mac equipped with SuperDrive (using PC Exchange, Access PC or DOS Mounter; all macs excluding the Plus and some older SE's have SuperDrive) or copy them using Apple File Exchange (binary transfer with AFE) to the mac. Decode and expand them with StuffIt Expander.


If the file is too big to fit on a floppy, use WinZip on the PC side to compress and segment/span it into smaller parts to PC-diskettes and extract the file using ZipIt on the mac. Another option is to split a BinHex file with a PC word processor or uuencode and segment the file on a PC and join them on the mac.


<> want also DropStuff with expander enhancer; together with StuffIt Expander it decodes and expands almost everything (bin, hqx, sit, cpt, uu, gz, tar, Z, arc, zip).




...MacSEE or TransMac can be used instead of Mac-ette to translate MacBinary and to write on mac disks on a PC:




..Note that some URLs are quite old so look around if necessary!

Check also 68000-mac-faq <>



Matti Haveri <> <>


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