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How To Surf the Web Through Another Mac (IP Sharing)

Thanks to Simon Kornblith <simon_k@bigfoot.com>


Yes, it's possible to connect a computer to your modem/ADSL/cable modem using to the internet and your Ethernet network using only LocalTalk at little or no cost. This setup isn't particularly easy, and not as fast as an Ethernet card, but it works great (I use it on all of my old Macs, it's much cheaper than 5 Ethernet cards).

The first step is to download a copy of IPNetRouter (IPNR). IPNetRouter must be installed on the computer you regularly access your interet connection from, so download the appropriate version (68K or PPC). Vicom SoftRouter may also work, but I have included the instructions for IPNR only because it's much cheaper and faster than SoftRouter and SoftRouter's much more intuitive. You may also want to download Apple LocalTalk Bridge if you do not have a hardware LocalTalk bridge but do have a computer with access to both your Ethernet and LocalTalk networks. This does not have to be the same computer running IPNR.

After installing IPNR and restarting, open the application. Follow either the instructions for using IPNetRouter with OT/PPP or the instructions for using IPNetRouter with cable modem Ethernet. If you do not intend to use the Internet sharing over Ethernet features of IPNetRouter, you can follow the instructions using a MacIP interface instead of an Ethernet interface and skip the next step.

Next, add a MacIP interface to IPNetRouter. You can set its IP address as whatever you want ( is mine), just make sure it has the same settings (IP Masquerading and such) as your Ethernet interface.

Make sure you have your LocalTalk bridge configured. Apple's LocalTalk bridge is pretty self-explanitory

Finally, configure MacTCP on the client.In this case you should select "LocalTalk" as your network type and enter the information in MacTCP as described in the guide for what you read, except modified for the MacIP interface (your MacIP gateway instead of your Ethernet gateway, etc.).

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