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How To Surf The Web Through Another Mac


 It's called IP Masquerading or 'proxying'. What it amounts to is networking two or more Macs together so you can share internet access. I use IPNetRouter. I'm using my 56k modem on my iMac to dial into my ISP and IPNetRouter tricks the Mac into thinking it's connected via ethernet. Then any Mac that's on my network can surf the web at the same time the iMac is surfing.


What you need

Mac Plus or up (if you are using a Mac without an ethernet port, try the Asante Mini EN/SC SCSI to ethernet converter).

System 7 or up (including 8.x and 9.x) on the host Mac. (IPNetRouter will not work under System 6.

System 6 or up on your client Macs.

An internet connection. This can be cable, broadband, modem or ethernet.

Software for your Clients (the Macs that will be accessing the web via your host Mac):

A network of at least 2 Macs. This can be ethernet or LocalTalk (serial port).



My Setup

I'm using an ethernet network to connect my Macs. You can use a direct cable (crossover ethernet cable) without a hub, but a hub is recommended for mconnecting more than 2 Macs. I have my Power Computing G3, Color Classic, SE/30, iMac and Mac Plus currently networked over ethernet. I can surf the web on all of them at the same time with IPNetRouter. Consult your owner's manual or a Mac book to learn about how to network.

Setting Up the Software

IPNetRouter's instructions leave a lot to be desired - it took my 4 hours to get it set up correctly the first time and about 5 minutes each time thereafter. If they'd done a bette job, it woulda taken me 5 minutes the first time. Here's the quick and dirty setup:

1) You need to run IPNetRouter ONLY on your host Mac (the one that's actually connected to the web.

2) Make sure your network is up and running and you can access all Macs.

3) Read the IPNetRouter's instructions that refer to setting your TCP/IP control panel to ethernet and copying the configurations. THAT part of the instructions is easy to follow.

4) If you are using a dialup (modem) connection to the web, click on the popup window that says PPP and click on the add button in IPNetRouter. Click on the IPMasquerade box. Click on the connect box. This will dial the modem.

5) You are now a multihoming 'home boy' tehe. But you still need to configure the client Macs.

6) Launch the TCP/IP control panel (System 7 or up) or the MacTCP control panel (68000 Macs running System 6 or 7.) Set them according to the instructions here.

See the instructions on how to setup Freewwweb on a Mac Plus to learn more on how to configure the MacTCP control panel. Just replace freewwweb with the ISP you are using and replace the numbers with the numbers your ISP gave you for net access.

7) Launch an internet app of your choice and you should be surfing the web from your client.

Web surfing software for you client Macs:

Jag's Internet setup kit - for black and white Macs as well as older Macs (68020, 030 and 040 Macs).

Web surfing software for System 6 Macs:

See this page.

Serving a web site with IPNetRouter. This is a web site being served from either my Mac Plus, SE/30 or Color Classic. Check it out.


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