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 Using Eudora For Multiple Email Accounts




If you use Eudora Lite or Pro and have several accounts or your family memebers have their own accounts, here's how to do it:


 Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 19:34:38 +0000
From: Clive Holland <cliveholland@talk21.com>
To: Classic Posts <classic-post@hitznet.com>
Subject: Multiple Email Accounts with Eudora

A couple of listers have said that Eudora doesn't handle more than one
email account - not true! It is possible handle multiple email accounts
using Eudora 1.3, 1.5.5, Eudora Light etc and have them appear in a
single inbox, just like Micro$oft Outlook.
This is what you have to do...

1. Collate all the details of the accounts you want to be able to
2. Open up the System Folder, and open the Eudora Folder inside.
3. In here you will see a file called Eudora Settings.
4. Duplicate this file for each additional account you want to be able
to access, renaming each as you go to something appropriate...
eg. Freeserve email, Talk21 email, etc, etc
5. Make aliases of each of these new files, create a new folder called
Email accounts (or whatever), drag all the aliases onto it.
6. Drag this new folder onto the Apple Menu Items folder.
7. Close up all the folders open on your desktop...
8. Drop down the Apple menu, and select your new Email accounts (or
whatever you chose) entry from the list...
9. You will then be presented with your aliases...
10. Pick one, double click it and Eudora will start up...
11. In Eudora, go to Special, Settings and reconfigure this account with
the details appropriate to the username you gave it.
12. Repeat the process from step 8 until you have reconfigured each
account with the unique settings you want...
13. That's it! Next time you want to access a particular account, just
go to the Apple Menu again, choose one of the aliases you made and
Eudora reconfigures itself to use those settings so you can recieve or
send mail using those particular details! You don't even have to quit
Eudora before chosing another account!

Hope this helps someone out there.
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