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Mad With Macintosh


System 6 INITS (Extensions) and Cdevs (Control Panels)

and Drivers


AOL Mac archive - lots of cools stuff - get it while you can, I have a feeling this old stuff won't be up much longer.

 Accel2_9 Folder - Radius Accelorator driver for Mac Plus
DiiMOCache 2.2.1- DiiMO cache card driver
20 Accelerator SE Patch - dunno!
spigot - SuperMac VideoSpigot driver
DiiMOCache 2.2 - DiiMO cache card driver

 watchCursor - change your cursor
SFScrollInit - change your scroll bars
SuperApple2.1 - change your Apple menu icon
Rapmaster - scratch, drum machine and dubbing (seeds 020 for dubbing)
CDEVShrinker - shrinks the Control Panel windows



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