Bluesboy JAG Previously Sold Cigar Box Guitars, Dulcimers, Basses, Amps

I Can Make Anything You Want On This Page!

I make every configuration of cigar box guitar imaginable:

1, 2, 3, 4,6 Stringers

Acoustic only

Reliced Acoustic/Electric Acoustic/electric

Single coil or Humbucker Pickup

Dogbowl Resonator

Fretless Acoustic/Electric "Little Mojo"

Spun Metal Resonator

Lap Diddley Bow (one string)

Guitar Diddley Bow (one or two strings)


License Plate CBG's

Dulcitar (Dulcimer Guitar/Strumstick)

Custom Sunburst Finish

Trunk Corners

Pick Your Own Artwork

CBG/Bass Combo (1 bass string, 3 guitar strings).

I have over 400 boxes in stock of all varieties. You can purchase a pre-built model or order a custom CBG.

This is just a TINY fraction of what I've sold! If you see anything that looks cool and you want one, just email me

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This is a fretless electric/acoustic cigar box guitar called the 'Little Mojo" $99!


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Cigar Box Dulcimer

Relicced Two String Diddley Bow

Dual Humbucker Custom CBG by Bluesboy Jag.

Punch Fretless "Little Mojo"

See Through 3 String

Bluesboy Jag Dual Pup Piezo/Single Coil Fretless

Dual Pickup Arturo Fuente King B

Cigar Box Dulcimer

3 String Cigar Box Bass

3 String Humbucker Resonator

2 String Diddley Bow

Lefty 6 String Arturo Fuente

See Through Cigar Box Guitar/Bass Combo - Play Guitar and Bass at the Same Time.

1 String Diddley Bow Cigar Box Guitar

Padron CBG/Bass Combo: 1 Bass String and 3 Guitar Strings With Fretless Bass Neck: Plays Guitar and Bass at the Same Time

3 String Le Bijou Humbucker

Acoustic/Electric Strum Stick (Dulcimer)

CBG/Bass Combo. One bass string, 3 guitar strings. two outputs, play bass and guitar at the same time

CBG/Bass Combo

This One Has A Unique Leather Covered Box


3 String With Vintage 1960's Pickups

Avo Acoustic/Electric

Padron Acoustic/Electric

3 String Acoustic/Electric Dulcimer Cigar Box Guitar

Lefty Dual Humbucker

Gorgeous 6 String Arturo Fuente Humbucker

Fretless 'Little Mojo'

2 String Diddley bow Guitar with Single Coil or Humbucker (shown) Pickup

Punch "Little Mojo" Fretless 3 String

Rare Corojo 6 String

2 String Bass

Arturo Fretless Acoustic/Electric

Lefty Bolivar 3 String Acoustic/Electric

6 String Rebirth and Matching Amp

6 String Humbucker With Telecaster Neck

Acoustic Jaime Garcia

Beautiful Arturo 6 String

Gorgeous See-Through Cigar Box Guitar

Acoustic/Electric 3 String Jaime Garcia

Gorgeous 6 String

Camacho and Matching Amp

Double Neck 3 String Fretless and 4 String Fretted.

3 String Acoustic Electric With Water Faucet Handle Sound Hole Cover


Gorgeous Simulated Vinyl Record 6 String

The Above Guitar With It's Owner

Gorgeous 6 Stringer!

Two String Diddley Bow

One String Diddley bow

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