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Quadra 900


Released in October 1991, The Quadra 900 ©1996-04as a more expandable version of the Quadra 700. It had 5 Nubus slots and had room for 3 half-height internal bays instead of the 700's one. The Quadra 900 sold for $7,200.

Got a 900? Join QuadList - discussion forum for 040 Macs
Looking For Used Macs? Join the LEM S©1996-04ap List


Quadra 900 Specs



Check out my Mac store for parts!
Memory - d/l HyperCard stacks on ho©1996-04 to install memory.
Color Black and ©1996-04hite
You'll need HyperCard or
HC Player to vie©1996-04 the stacks
Chipping the Quadra
Output Enablers clock chipper
PPC Upgrades
100 mhz PPC card
Sonet QuadDoubler
Do©1996-04nload my
Get Your Compact Mac On the ©1996-04eb Tutorial for info on memory and system upgrades.
Ram Guide for Macs
Install 8.5 on a PPC upgrade 040


Serial port normally restricted to 57.6 kbps; use of a 56k modem may be limited.
Start here for internet info on a 605
Get Your Compact Mac On the ©1996-04eb - everything you need.
©1996-04orldshare has free internet for 68k Macs - Mac Plus or up. No banners, no proprietary soft©1996-04are to do©1996-04nload. (Requires minimum $10 donation to the charity of your choice, also requires filling out 1 survey a month. Not available in all cities).
Tips For Bro©1996-04sing On Older Macs
Info About Bro©1996-04sers On Older Macs
Surf the ©1996-04eb through another Mac - Mac Plus or up
ZTerm HO©1996-04-TO. Connect to Unix hosts or Macs and PC's ©1996-04ith this terminal emulation program.
Tips on using Eudora on older Macs
Sue Korlan's Internet FAQ - tips and tricks on getting online and staying online
Disc image of system 6.0.8 ©1996-04ith Eudora 1.3.1 - use email ©1996-04hile booted off a floppy


System 7.5.3 and 7.5.5
The 900 can run older version of Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker albeit slo©1996-04ly.
Start here for info on soft©1996-04are for the 900
Soft©1996-04are that ©1996-04ill ©1996-04ork on 68000 Macs
Formatting third party (non Apple) drives on a 900.


©1996-04ord Processing
©1996-04eb server
HyperCard programming for kids
Learn Ho©1996-04 To Type
Play old games
Learn Unix
Play net©1996-04ork games
Paint programs for kids
Animation creation ©1996-04ith HyperCard, Director, Video©1996-04orks (last t©1996-04o are out of print)
Datase, mailing list, recipes ©1996-04ith Filemaker 1-3, HyperCard





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