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Apple's MPW Pascal 


The Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Golden Master, is a free download. The Pascal compiler is no longer included in MPW because it only produces 68k code.




If you have a 68k Mac, you can still download MPW Pascal separately. The file is called "Pascal.bin", and when it unstuffs,it is called "MPW
Pascal". You change this filename to just "Pascal", and put it in the "tools" folder in your MPW folder. If you type "Help Pascal" into the MPW worksheet, a list of compiler directives comes up. There is more information with example programs here:


Most are for the CodeWarrior compiler and some are for Think Pascal. If you go through the above link, you can download the Freeware Think Pascal 4.5 alpha. The direct link is;



You can only contemplate using MPW if you have a large HD. Think Pascal is a good one to learn on, but it only produces 68k code. It is a good idea to learn MPW, even if you only have a 68k Mac, because your projects can subsequently be compiled to RISC very easily.

The current MPW distribution may need a bit of work to set it up to use Pascal. It seemed that in the version I downloaded that all the Pascal "includes" were there. A Reference Manual for MPW Pascal does exist, but only in printed form. It is not available for download anywhere as far as I know.

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