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WHAT??? Gut a Mac for a @$#%^ FISHTANK???! How about a Lisa? A Monitor?
Make An Aquarium Out of Your Classic Mac Sadly, I don't have the pics to go with this tutorial
Putting a PC monitor on a Mac.
Networking an older Mac to an iMac
Dead PRAM batteries on older Macs
Pictures of most Mac motherboards from 1989-1995
MacCharlie - attach a real 8088 PC to your Mac and run DOS apps
MUD software for Macs
The actual Macintosh (Annie) white paper from 1979 by Jef Raskin.
How To Open A Classic Mac
Repairing an SE/30 - great tutorial with lots of pics.
Ram Guide for Macs
Transferring files between older Macs and newer Macs.
Sad Mac error codes
Running 8.1 on an 030 Mac. Although I don't know WHY you'd want to do this with 040 Macs running as low as $10 on eBay, it can be done.
Digital cameras on 68k Macs
Apple's video chart - what monitors work with what Macs.
Apple's Discussion Page for older products
Clockchipping an LC II
Want to use a Griffen Tech PC to Mac Video adapter?
Here are the settings.
History of the Mac site - up since 1993
A good start on a
classic Mac FAQ
MacTreasures.com - find older hard to find and out of print software
Help Save HyperCard - Please join us in saving one of the best pieces of Apple software ever created. Without HC, I would NEVER have ventured into programming.
Google - fast search engine that works on Classic Macs 
Steve Wozniak's Web Site - extremely interesting reading from THE creator of the personal computer.
MacSurfer - the best site for daily Mac links 
Classic Computer Rescue Squad - no buyers for your old stuff? These guys will take them!
Mac Addict's This Old Mac - Lots of info on old Macs from the 128 through the Mac II line, Quadras and
Centrises. Recommended.
EveryMac is a great site for older as well as new Macs.
Putting a PC monitor on a Mac.
MUD software for Macs
Classic Mac icons
Color Classic FAQ
Maximum hard drive size for Mac OS 6, 7.x
Very old mac related ads from the mid 80's.
Paper models of many early Macs - make your own...comes under the heading 'for people with way too much time on their hands'. Radius Vintage Page - for vintage Radius products
Applefritter - older Mac rarities and prototypes
MacTreasures Software For Your Old Apple Computer (other stuff too
PowerOn's Clearance Page
Actual reviews of Lisa and Mac products from 1984.
And exhaustive list of
Mac keyboard shortcuts.
Apple's Gallery of ALL Macs
PC Compatibility Card Info.
The first Mac clone in 1989? The Outbound was a cool machine.
Mac Portable Tips
Rare Clear SE
in QuickTime VR format.
creation of the web was influenced by HyperCard and the first white paper on the WWW was written on a Mac SE.
The Apple Museum - Tons of information relating all the way back to the Apple I.
Whatever Happened To The Lisa?
Macintosh Suppliers
Apple Firsts A List of cool stuff Apple Computer Inc. came up with first.
resources for older Mac's
Mac Classic Support
the Mac Portable:
http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/3959/in dex.html
Archaic Apple Site - includes some great Lisas resources
The low-end Mac site
68k Mac FAQ
Mac SE stuff
Mac 512 site
Obsolete computer museum
Excellent links; MacVeteran page (in Danish but I could understand most of it anyway)
How to remove magic marker ink from classic Macs.
Sad Mac error codes
mac repair page includes hard drive pinouts and other good info

 Good sites for Mac beginners

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