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Using Shareware to Turn 7.1 into 7.6



Here's my two bits of copper on this 7.6-SE/30 thing, cross-posted 'cause the thread itself is:


Had to drive out to jag's to get a hard drive for another machine I was working on, and noticed 15-foot ethernet cables were a mere $2.49 ea; I was able to snag three of 'em with the change left from the hard drive (at last, I see how much faster ethernet is than phone wire! wooHOO!) So to bring this around, I've now got my SE/30 ("Strider"...the only near-Hobbitish name for it...and a good one, too), my 7200 and a 7100 all ethernetted together via my $2.95 24-port D-Link hub. Strider is showing me what a rockin' machine an SE/30 really is (again, many thanks to Kyle and no thanks to UPS)!

To drive home my point: I've slapped 32MB of RAM and an ethernet card in, reformatted and fresh-installed 7.1 on the LaCie 170 MB drive. Then I added every bell and whistle known to MacHeadKind:


(it actually SPEEDS UP the pop-down menu performance on the "Platinum" look! I've tried a couple other schemes with varying success) AND it's also running LocalTalk Bridge so my LaserWriterPlus and the PowerBook 5300 can be part of the fun ;-).


It cruises with AppleWorks 5.0.3 and scans with the Logitech hand-held ScanMan. It connects at 50,667 with my 56k Global Spillage Mo-dumb (at least it does on my girlfirend's "Everyone's Internet" account, but not my ISP...go figure...), runs a Defrosted Netscape 2.02 (LEM looks good, Dan) and rocks with Eudora Pro 4.0.1. It does all this just fine, thankyouverymuch. And with 8.8 MB of RAM to spare. Haven't tried iCab yet, but I'm gonna.


The point: Who needs 7.6 on an SE/30? You can make 7.1 enough like 7.6 (and make it LOOK like 8.6!) to make it irrelevant. Honest. And it STILL takes up at least 1 or 2 megs LESS RAM (even with all the bells and whistles) than a base install of 7.6. The System memory tops out at about 4,800k with everything turned on, with over 27 MB left to run programs with.


Bear is going back to his cave now.





ps...to continue the ISP rant nearly begun above...I highly recommend ev1.net as a relatively cheep ISP (ten bucks a month...initial charge of $35 or so) that supports older Macs. It works with every Mac I've used it with so far. I can't believe that my $25/month ISP won't let my Vintage machines connect via OT/PPP...if it does connect, then Eudora or Netscape have nothing but DNS errors and an endless stream of "cannot contact the servers" errors. If I connect up with the ev1.net account, everything is seamless on all my 030 and 040 machines. Sounds like it's time to abandon io.com. Loyalty has its limits.


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